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Why We Chose Cloth Diapers

As I mentioned in my Starting My Cloth Diaper Stash post, we’ve chosen to use cloth diapers with Little Miss.  Before I explain why we chose to use cloth diapers, let me say that I am NOT the cloth diaper Mom that is going to bash anyone for choosing to use disposable diapers.  I did it, with two kids.  I have no right to point fingers or call names. Just saying.

dollar-signWhen Mister and Sister were babies, the thought of cloth diapering never crossed my mind.  Not even once.  Everyone around me used disposable diapers and cloth wasn’t that popular.

So, why cloth diapers this time?

When we started planning for Little Miss, I started hearing a lot of buzz about cloth diapers.  Chances are, the buzz was their beforehand, I just couldn’t hear it.  I started doing some research, all the while thinking “cloth diapers are what our Moms used and they were ugly, right?”  Right?

And then I realized how much money could be saved using cloth diapers.

Little did I know, when my other two were babes, that it is estimated that a child will use 6,000 diapers from birth to age two.  My kiddos didn’t toilet train until age three.  We probably used somewhere near 15,000 diapers between the two of them.  Oh my!  And we could only use one of the popular (i.e. expensive) brands, because everything else broke Mister out.  Since we had to use them on him, we automatically used them on her.  I didn’t keep track of our actual diaper costs, and I did use coupons as often as I could.  That being said, the diapers we used averaged 25 cents per diaper (before coupons, etc) which is roughly $3750 in diapers.  That’s some serious cash, folks!

After realizing how much we could save (we could have a stellar stash for less than $500), I was still a bit hesitant.  All of the cons (i.e. myths) of cloth diapering ran through my head.  Things like: cloth diapers are ugly, dirty, and inconvenient… WRONG.  In fact, cloth is way cute, has fewer chemicals, is better for baby’s skin, and stinky diaper is a stinky diaper no matter how you shake it.

I decided I wanted to give cloth a try, and then I had to get Hubs on board.  His initial reaction was, “NO WAY.”  Then he softened to “You can use cloth if you change them all.”  We have a friend that works for a cloth diaper company, and I casually cloth diaper stashmentioned that Hubs was not completely on board with the whole cloth diaper idea.  In less time than it took me to take our kids to the bathroom, she had him convinced.

For us, it really was an economical decision to use cloth diapers.  Yes, I have to wash more laundry.  Yes, I have to put a little bit more thought into what I pack in the diaper bag.  Those are small trade offs for us.

Plus, those are SO much cuter than disposables –>

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll share with you some of the cloth that we’re checking out, and tell you what we think so far.

What kind of diapers do you use (if any) and what helped you make the decision to use them?

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  1. We had wanted to cloth diaper, but totally went about it the wrong way. Spent HUNDREDS on one brand, and when baby girl was born they didn’t fit! (She’s extremely tiny) We didn’t want to spend MORE money trying different brands, So we ended up throwing in the towel so to speak, and going with regular disposables. Next baby, we’ll be smarter about it, and try a bunch of different brands!

  2. I am in love with all of the designs out there for cloth diapers and you are right you can’t beat the savings!

  3. Cloth diapers are so darn cute now. I really wanted to use cloth with Zoe but knew I didn’t have the patience. I regret my choice now not to. Can’t wait to see some of the cutsie s!

  4. I’m really leaning towards cloth diapering #3. I have to get hubby on board, too. Any idea what your friend said to your hubby?

    • tell him he can have a big tv and put all the savings in a jar and see how fast it adds up. Or, get a jar of quarters and a trash can (empty) and then have him ‘change’ a teddy bear and drop a quarter in the trash can. and then say uh oh another poop and then drop another quarter. sure adds up fast!

  5. HAHA! Your husband’s initial reaction was the same as my husband’s! Although he didn’t SAY it, that’s how it was. After a few months though, he tried them out and he uses them now without saying a thing! He is a teacher and during summer/winter breaks he is home with the kids…using cloth! We chose it for similar reasons…to save money, better for their skin, and better for the environment. Although we do use both sposies and cloth, I love cloth days! 🙂 Best of luck and welcome to the fluff world! 😉

  6. We started CDing back in December and I plan to start the new baby out in cloth diapers. My husband won’t come near a poopy CD unless I’m not around. LOL I’ve found that it really isn’t that much more work and I love not having a trash can full of diapers. That said, we still use disposables on occasion like at church, so I’m not ant-disposables either.

  7. We use disposable diapers – Pampers are the only ones we’ve found that work well for us (Huggies always seem to leak!). We both work full time and have trouble keeping up with our laundry as it is, but I love the idea of cloth diapering and will love seeing your posts on the different diapers!

  8. I love cloth diapers, and the only reason I ever used them is because I am cheap. Or thrifty, whatever you want to call it haha. But I refused to spend the money on disposables if I didn’t have to. And I get my pocket diapers and one or two inserts for $0.99 cents. For real. I get them off of ebay. So I have a weeks worth of diapers for under $100. Score!

  9. Rachel says:

    I’m planning to cloth diaper but I don’t have my hubby completely on board yet….I’ll keep at it though;)