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Total Gym Total Mom- A little inspiration

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Ever hit that point where you just need a little inspiration?  With my knee still giving me fits, I am just bored out of my skull with doing upper body and abdominal exercises.  You know how it is… you can’t do one thing, so your brain starts to tell you it isn’t worth it to do what you can, because you are limited in your ability…

So, I thought I would go on the Total Gym Website and look for a little inspiration…

And boy did I ever find inspiration!  There is one gent, Shawn, on there that lost 177 pounds!  He lost a whole me, plus some!  That is just phenomenal.

While Shawn’s story is amazing, the story that I found most helpful was Rebecca Kiritsy’s.


Rebecca and her husband used the Total Gym and she lost 80 pounds and he lost 45 pounds.

I just loved that they lost weight together, just as my husband and I are doing.  And Rebecca’s comment in her video, “I didn’t start out seventy pounds overweight, it just creeped up on me…” completely resonated with me.

I didn’t start out overweight.

It just creeped up on me.

da dun da dun da dun da dun dun dun…

And grabbed my will power in a choke hold and and tried to strangle the…

da dun da dun da dun da dun dun dun…

Oh wait.

It lost!

Because Total Gym, together with my husband and lifestyle change, has given ME the upper hand.

Bwah ha ha!  Take that, Creeper Fat!

Read more about Rebecca’s weight loss, and watch her video, on the Total Gym Website.  You can find other amazing success stories there, as well.   I hope to one day have mine on there.

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  1. That is very inspiring. I wish I had the willpower to do it.

    • See, that’s just it, Karen. I don’t have the willpower. Remember in my TGTM video, I talked about the Lord telling me if I supplied the will, He would supply the power? There is NO way I could do this on my own!

  2. You are doing awesome! I can totally relate to the creeping effect. It’s happening to me too and it’s about time I did something about it.

  3. I think you are doing great! Now if only you could bottle up and send me some of your will power…LOL!!

  4. Just think how great your abs are going to look from all of those exercises! I should get doing that too! Thanks for sharing Rebecca’s story!

  5. I really need to fight the creeper. He keeps sneaking in my house when I’m not looking!

  6. Creeper fat….yeah we have a relationship, too.

    What I am hating is that part of my self image is connected to my body image. I know the two things ‘should’ be separate…but they’re not.

  7. Rebecca Kiritsy says:

    Just for fun I Googled myself and this came up.

    I am thrilled to hear my story helped! It is a long journey, but it can be done.
    Good luck!