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The Almost Bake Sale

The kiddos were playing outdoors to start off our day, as they’d already completed the days assignments a day ahead of time.  I had a fun project on the agenda, but the weather was so nice I figured it could wait a bit.  I was finishing my morning cup of coffee when my son burst in the door with great excitement.

“Mom!  We have three people that said they’d come to the bake sale on Saturday.”

the almost bake sale

“The what?”

“The bake sale,” he said.

“What bake sale?” I asked.

“The bake sale Sis and I are going to have on Saturday to raise some money.  We invited some of the neighbors, and they said they’d come.”

“We’re not having a bake sale on Saturday. What are you talking about?”

Then it dawned on me.  For several weeks now they’ve been requesting a Wii U for Christmas.  I finally told them it was too expensive of a gift to request and they needed to come up with a better idea.  It would appear that they thought they had.  He even created a document with “bake sale! saturday” on them, hand wrote our address on them, and then cut out the strips.

His face fell when I explained, “You can’t just plan a bake sale without asking Mom and Dad.  Let’s go explain to the neighbors that we aren’t having a bake sale.”

Afterward, I told him that I was really impressed with their entrepreneurial spirit and that I could tell that they were willing to work hard for something they want, and that Dad and I would help them come up with ways to earn money if they really wanted to.

I’d love your ideas on how a 7yo and 8yo can earn money.   Head on over to my Facebook post and let me know what ideas you have!


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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