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Ten Cool Coffee Mugs and one Jazzed Up Java Head

The day started off alright, and then I realized I was down to my last T-disc.  It was an Espresso disc, so I ran it four times to make a nice LARGE cup of energy coffee.  I unplugged the Tassimo, wrapped up the cord, and trudged into the laundry room.  With no enthusiasm at all, I unfolded the stepstool, climbed atop it, and put the brew wonder on the shelf.  From the shelf I retrieved the twelve-cup Mr. Coffee pot that takes FOREVER to brew coffee.  I trudged back into the kitchen, plugged it in, and looked forlornly toward the laundry room.

Then I posted on this my Facebook Wall


“I am a sad SAD panda.  Had to put the Tassimo away, I am out of t-discs, and break out the Mr. Coffee that takes FOREVER to brew a pot of coffee.”

I stood nursing my cup of joe as long as I could, and then I brewed a pot.

While waiting for it to brew, I found these cool coffee mugs and thought I would share…

Tank Up


Toilet Mug


Complaint Department


Dirty Mug


Smile Cup by Studio Psycho – coming soon


My Cuppa Coffee Mug


Hearty Mug and saucer from Generate


Face Mug


Crabby ‘til I get my COFFEE


Dunk Mug by Mocha – comes in left or right handed versions!


After perusing the cool coffee cups, I stepped outside to grab the mail.  We had two boxes sitting in the garage, so I brought them in and called Hubs to tell him that he had a delivery.  He told me to go ahead and open them.


Hubs bought me a BUNN!

And now I am one Jazzed Up Java Head!

jazzed up java head

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Wow, I used them when I worked at Wawa!! Great coffee pots!! I love that dirty mug, lol!!!

  2. Love the mugs! What a sweet hubby!

  3. I don’t do coffee but those mugs still work great for hot spiced cider and hot chocolate.

  4. I couldn’t drink out of that toilet mug, lol…but the rest are cool! When can I come over for coffee?

  5. these are great LOVE THEm the one with the lipstick almost made me sick but love the rest

  6. That was sweet of you hubs. The mugs are cute but I think I can do without the toilet one.

  7. April Decheine says:

    Oooh a Bunn coffee pot, nice. Ditto on the toilet mug, no can do.

  8. Omg at that toilet mug! LOLOLOL!

  9. The toilet mug just weirds me out! haha.

    I’m a new follower; Hope you can stop by

  10. I just adore coffee so very much and those mugs ROCK! My favorite is the heart shaped one <3

  11. I love the smiley face mugs.

    What a sweet hubby!

  12. Cool beans, well Hot actually! I had a Bunn years ago when I drank coffee more often. I have been longing for a Keruig but can not justify the cost, just for a variety of flavors…sigh… so I am stuck with my slow-mo maker too…
    I like the face mug & smileys… the toilet one I can think of a few people with ‘potty’ mouths I’d love to give them too! Hahaha. Enjoy your yummy Java!

  13. I looveee that heart shaped mug! The “dirty” one made me laugh too. 🙂