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Secrets of an Organized Mom

I’m a Sanguine.  If you are familiar with personality types at all, you understand that Sanguine’s are generally NOT organized people.  I am NO exception to the rule.

Secrets of an Organized MomI have a lot going on right now.  As you know, we are preparing to adopt Little Miss.  I am studying of my pastoral license and am currently enrolled in an eight week course (with bi-weekly assignments) in Pentecostal Theology.  I am the Matron of Honor for my sister’s May wedding, which means I have to plan a bridal shower and a bachelorette party.  AND I am doing this Baby Shower Gift Guide.

Ya might think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  Ya might be right!  Organizing guru Barbara Reich wants to help me, and you, become organized with her new book, Secrets of an Organized Mom.  She may have better luck with you (just sayin).

Many mothers **frantically waving both hands** feel like they are on what I like to refer to as the hamster wheel.  When one thing is overcome, another pops up.  That’s the way life goes on the hamster wheel.  The laundry is never done, junior has fifteen parties to attend in a three hour timespan, and you find yourself re-buying gadgets because you can’t seem to figure out where you put the one you bought last week.

According to Barbara Reich, there are four easy steps that can be applied to any organizing project.  They are purge, design, organize, and maintain.  In getting ready for Little Miss, I decided to tackle the purge.  We’ve moved Mister and Sister into the same bedroom for the time being, and their toys have made the trek to the basement.  I can’t have all of their toys in one ten by ten bedroom WITH a set of bunkbeds, two dressers, and two wardrobes.  So, purge it is.

Anyway, I tackled the toy purge and asked the kids for help.


kidlets closetAccording to their 4yo and 5yo minds (insert emotional meltdown here), it is absolutely essential that we keep every toy that they have ever owned, along with it’s original packaging.  Slay. Me. Now. After feeling like I needed to pull my hair out poke my eyes out, I decided to switch tactics.  I held up two toys and asked, “Which one would you like to keep?”  The one they didn’t choose went into the donation bag.  We managed to skim three thirteen gallon bags worth of toys from the top of their collection before the “keepers” made the trek to the basement.  While Barbara insists that educational toys “exist to make you feel guilty,” as a homeschool Mom, I couldn’t justify culling those.  We did, however, corral them.

Hubs then rearranged the basement and made tidy little areas for the kids toys, complete with storage bins.  YAY.

I  We also managed to organize their closet.  Hubs installed a second hanging rod and shelf, to allow room for his and hers.  There are also two lower shelves perfect for storing shoes.  Under that is their laundry basket and Trunkies.  Yes, the Trunkies MUST stay upstairs.  How else would they race them daily?

I haven’t read the enter book (did you see what all I have on my plate right now?) and am by no means cured of my Sanguine traits.  I do have to say, though, that Reich offers the clever advice that should be achievable for almost everyone.

Secrets of an Organize Mom is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Many thanks to Barbara Reich for providing the above book for inclusion in the Baby Shower Gift Guide.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I’m organized, but I’ve been in the mood to really go at it lately. I’ll have to check that book out.

  2. I need to know the secrets of an organized mom because that is not me! I was organized before I was a mom, but now I am not sure it will ever happen again!