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Save the Family Walk with Joovy Bumprider

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This is a story.  This is a story of how you can save the family walk with a Joovy Bumprider.

In a suburb in the Midwest, lives a family. The family has a mom, a dad, and three children.  Two of the children in this family are old enough to ride big kid bikes and one is not.  This family likes to go on family walks.  When they do, the two older children either ride their big kid bikes or walk, while either the Mommy or Daddy pushes the little one in a stroller.  All is well on the family walk until this happens…

Daddy Pushing Sister's Bike


The big girl in the family gets tired of riding her bike and the Daddy has to push her bike home.  The Mommy is then left to choose between listening to her big girl whine and shed tears about her legs hurting, or carrying the big girl home on her back while simultaneously pushing the little one in the stroller.  The Mommy finds either option less than pleasant and put the kabosh on family walks for a while.

Then one day, the Mommy received a Joovy Bumprider to review.

Joovy Bumprider

The Mommy excitedly showed the Joovy Bumprider to the Daddy, and then the Daddy installed the Joovy Bumprider onto the back of the family jogging stroller.  The Joovy Bumprider was super simple to install, guaranteed to fit all stroller types due to it’s unique construction, and is the most universal stroller board on the market.  The arms are adjustable in width, length, and height, so it even fits on the back of the jogger with the extra large basket.  The platform has a non-slip surface and the wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride– even on our less than perfect terrain.  It has quick release clams that allow for easy mounting and removal from the stroller and is designed for children ages 2 to 5 and up to 45 pounds.  Oh, and NO tools are required for installation, save maybe a pair of scissors to cut the zip tie that holds the arms together in the package, which means the Mommy could have installed it herself, but someone had to take pictures for the story.

With the Joovy Bumprider installed, the family decided to go on a family walk again.  Before the walk was ended, the big girl tired of riding her bike, and this is what happened…

Save the family walk with the Joovy Bumprider

She did not whine.  She did not cry.  The Mommy did not have to carry her on her back and simultaneously push a stroller with the little one in it.   The big girl was happy.  The mommy was happy.  Everyone was happy… even Daddy, who was pushing the big girl bike home.

This is a story.  This is a story of how you can save the family walk with a Joovy Bumprider.

This family will be taking more family walks.  And this family will be taking the Joovy Bumprider with them on their next vacation!

And while the Mommy in this story did receive a Joovy Bumprider for review as a Joovy Mom, all opinions are her own and this story is true.

If you’d like to save your family walk, you can purchase the Joovy Bumprider at

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That is neat-o. My boys would have loved something like that back in the day!

  2. How cool! I wish I’d had this when my son was that age. There is nothing worse than a tired kid. Nothing!

  3. Where were these when my boys were little?

  4. Kiddo went through that for a while. No matter what we did or how we planned it, a few steps in kiddo would whine about how her legs were tired and could daddy please carry her. Then we bought a giant red wagon and would take that on long walking events. It worked for a while, but then she grew. Hubs has bad knees so carrying her was so painful for him. We had to be one of those families that stopped going places until we explained to her that she had to walk the whole thing, no one could carry her and if she started to cry and whine we would leave. It took a few tried but finally sunk in. No problems these days. But she still has it in her brain that if she cries shes tired, we leave. She is very quick to remind me of that rule.

  5. The Bumprider is so cool! I totally want a Joovy with our next baby!

  6. This looks like an amazing thing to own as a parent. I could definitely use it with Zeva. Thanks for telling me about it.

  7. We were always walking bikes home. This is a great solution! Everyone has fun and your back isn’t aching by the end of it.

  8. This is a great story and I bet every mom out there can relate! What a useful tool!!!

  9. Such a cool stroller extension! My son would love loove love this!

  10. Dude, that is the COOLEST! My 6yo wants to ride like this all the time!

  11. I could have used one of these when my kids were little. My daughter would get tired on walks and demand to be carried!

  12. I saw something like this when we were at Disney – SO SO SO cool!

  13. I’ve never had any joovy products but u hear such amazing things I am going to look into maybe purchasing a stroller for our littles!

  14. We love our Joovy bumprider, best invention ever!

  15. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen!

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    The Joovy Bumprider is such a great idea for family walks. This would really help the little ones that can not keep up on walks.

  17. Oh, yes! Been there. Love the addition to save my tired back with multiple kiddos.

  18. That looks a lot more convenient than dad having to push the bike all the way home. Wish this had been around when my boys were younger.

  19. This is such a great idea! I have been there with the whining and legs hurting – perfect solution!

  20. This is a wonderful idea. We only have one kiddo, but I can see how this would be a lifesaver(and back saver) with more than 1!

  21. That looks like a great stroller. Saw the Kansas City Chiefs t-shirt. GO CHIEFS!!

  22. I think my daughter would have loved something like this! Not to mention that it would have saved me from having to carry her and her becoming grumpy!

  23. That is a seriously cool and very fun idea. Hurrah for Joovy for being so bright. 🙂

  24. Such a great product for older kids who still get tired!

  25. I wish this would have existed when my girls were little!

  26. Honestly, I have never heard of anything like this, but that is pretty neat! It also comes in handy, too. 🙂

  27. I did not know that Joovy even made something like this. I want one now. My kids would love this on our family walks. I’m so glad I found your blog post.

  28. Wow, I’m impressed! That is such a functional item!

  29. Oh my gosh I had no clue they had anything like this! Totally a genius invention! They need something that can attach to carts at the store like this! I want one!

  30. I have seen these but never got one for myself. These would definitely help me out since I have 5 kids and one always gets tired. Course I think they would do it just to get that free ride.

  31. What a great product! So perfect for bigger kids who still get tired!

  32. This looks like so much fun, I wanted to get one for my son for the longest but I never did..sigh

  33. Rebecca Orr says:

    I am so getting one of these! My daughter is 2.5 and can’t ride a bike yet so we still push her in the stroller. But when baby brother gets here….it will be his turn for the stroller. What to do about big sister has been on my mind for this coming spring and summer. I am thinking by then she will have started to learn to ride her bike, but if not (or if she does and then gets tired) she can ride along with baby brother. Thanks for sharing this cool product!

  34. Oh I love that putting it on is so easy! Assembly on stuff is what kills me. We have tons of Joovy products and they are made so well!

  35. Soo neat! My 5 year old would LOVE this!

  36. I love this! How convenient! This is a great idea.

  37. That is pretty cool. Is it hard to push the stroller like that though? I know when my daughter rides on the shopping cart and I try to push it is nearly impossible, just wondered if that was similar to that. lol