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Nexus 7 Tablet

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I know I’ve lamented to you all before about how hard it is to pick a gift for Hubs.  He is an ultimate tech geek and knows way more than I do about gadgetry and all things tech related.  He does his research, and does a lot of it, before picking a new gadget or piece of technology.  I recently received an opportunity to review a Nexus 7 tablet and was super excited that at long last, I was going to be able to give hubs a gift that would meet his gadgetry standards.

Nexus 7

I was planning how I was going to surprise him with it for his birthday, which is in just a few weeks.  That is, until he announced one day that he had decided he wanted to replace our old chrome book (because it’s be soldered together one too many times) with a tablet and he knew which tablet he wanted to get.  Without thinking, I told him that he couldn’t get a tablet, and he asked why not.

Nexus 7 tablet

Well, because I already got you one.  So there.  Surprise ruined, but Hubs is happy.

When I asked him why he wanted the Nexus 7, he said he wanted a simple tablet to use around the house for surfing the internet, checking email, and looking up tv listings, etc. He said the Nexus 7 is exactly what he wanted because the screen is clear and sharp and very easy to read.

Now that he’s been using it a bit, he says that the speed of it is great and he never sees any lag when running multiple apps and that the volume of the built-in speakers is great. The Nexus 7 is very light and easy to carry around.  Hubs says he wants to get a case for it, though, because it often feels like it might fall out of his hands.

To quote my tech geek husband, “I believe this is the best 7″ tablet in the market.”

Happy Birthday Hubs

Now I just have to figure out what to get him for Christmas…

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  1. This is so funny, I was just talking to Hubby’s nephew’s wife because she wants to get this for Hubby’s nephew. We were just discussing everything it has and I was wondering if it was a good tablet, so thank you

  2. My friend has a Nexus 7 Tablet and she really loves it! Happy Birthday to your Hubs!

  3. That tablet looks really nice! My hubby would love one for Christmas!

  4. My husband needs one of these. He is afraid to touch my computer, ha! and needs sometime to check his email.

  5. That is an awesome sounding tablet! Your hubby is lucky!

  6. I may have to invest in this. Believe it or not I still do not have a tablet after all of the time that they have been on the market.

  7. Why do men have to be so difficult to buy for? Looks like you did a FAB job! That smile is BIG!

  8. I soo have this tablet on my wish list.. sounds awesome and will come in handy for so many things and look at the smile on hubs, that just said it all.. it’s an AWESOME tablet..thanks for sharing

  9. Happy birthday! I’m addicted to my iPad, but have been considering a mini. I’ll have to check out the Nexus 7.

  10. get him the case for christmas, silly!! and a gift card for some fun new apps. win win!

  11. I have come to really enjoy the flexibility that working on a tablet provides. I think it is one of the devicesI always dreamed would be invented.

  12. Sorry his surprise was ruined, but he looks pretty happy any way!

  13. Doggone it. It’s such a bummer when you have to let them know because of circumstances like that, but I’m really happy he’s thrilled with it.

  14. We really love the flexibility of a tablet. My husband loves his Nexus tablet.

  15. That looks amazing, my hubby wants a new gadget. I will have to share this with him!

    Happy birthday to hubby!

  16. My daughter has been wanting a tablet and I know nothing about them. Thanks for sharing the review. That looks like a nice one.

  17. my hubby spoils surprises like that all the time (although honestly he’d say the same about me)

    i just saw one of these tablets in person today. kinda cool. i may go to staples to check them out

  18. I want one of these

  19. I’ve heard good things bout this tablet. How about some nice accessories for Christmas, like a good case?

  20. What a great gift to bad the surprised wasnt what you had hoped for :(,husbands!

  21. Happy Bday to the hubby. What a lucky guy he is. I got a $15 iTunes card for my birthday 🙁

  22. Your hubs was really lucky. I have used my friends Nexus 7 and I was impressed by how good the screen looked plus it was faster then I thought it would be. I would love to get one for our family.

  23. My niece wants one for Christmas. I thought it would be great for her because it’s so light weight.

  24. Well of course I know what you will get him for Christmas: A good case for it.

  25. I would love to have one of these but not in the near future for me