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Mulberry Street Unit Study- Printable Journal Page

Journaling is a powerful educational tool.  Whether drawing pictures or writing paragraphs, journaling after a story reinforces what has been learned. Dr Seuss’ book And to Think that I saw it on Mulberry Street is a great book to encourage story journalling with.  Read And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street with your child.

And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street at

To get them started, pick up a copy of Mulbery Street and  print the Mulberry Street Printable Journal Page

If your child is older, you can use the writing prompt “This is what I saw on Mulberry Street…” and encourage them to write about what they imagine they might see if they were walking down that street. If they are younger, have them tell you what they imagine, and you write it for them.

Mulberry Street Printable Journal Page

It sounds like a fun and exciting place to live to me. Have them follow up with what they saw on their own street.  Encourage them to make it more fanciful- see if that red Ford Focus can become a sleigh pulled by a purple moose, maybe the neighbors dog is a ferocious man eating lion carrying a magician.

If your children are smaller, have them dictate to you what they see and write it down for them, exactly as they tell it- what a powerful way to introduce children to pre-reading and writing skills. Seeing their own words in print is empowering and fosters confidence.  You can also use the My Street Journal idea for the younger ones.

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You’ll have such great fun on Mulberry Street!

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