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Life doesn’t have a pause button! #poiselinerlove

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Would someone kindly tell me where 2016 has gone?  I mean, seriously, how is it that I am making mad dashes through Walmart to find all the school supplies that we’ll need for the next year of homeschool?  You may not realize it, but we homeschoolers use a TON of school supplies.  I think we demolished ten boxes of crayons and at least that many spiral notebooks last year.   I feel like our schedules have been at mach speed for quite some time now, which is just one reason I am glad that Walmart is my one stop shop to grab my Poise Microliners while also grabbing school supplies, groceries and whatever else we need — I don’t have time for a separate trip to the drug store!

Save time and $ when you grab Poise Microliners @Walmart while doing all your other shopping! #poiselinerlove #ad

It feels like just yesterday my husband and I were enjoying some quality time on the sands in Hawaii. When we were planning our trip, he asked me what I wanted to do.  I said I didn’t care, as long as I got to see black sand again.  I first visited a black sand beach in El Salvador in 1997.  It was gorgeous, and I’ve dreamed of seeing another one.  Like the wonderful loving husband he is, he made it happen!

Poise Microliners keep you dry, even when surrounded by the ocean! #poiselinerlove #ad

We also took the opportunity to go parasailing.  I love parasailing! Let me tell you, I was incredibly relieved that I’d used my Poise Microliners.  I laughed uncontrollably with delight during that adventure, and the sea breeze is the only moisture you want to feel when parasailing over the ocean!

The sea breeze is the only moisture you want to feel when #parasailing over the ocean! #poiselinerlove #ad

I’ve used Poise Microliners for a couple of years now.  I’ve dealt with with LBL (light bladder leakage) for what feels like ever — we’re talking even in my teens.  For a long time I used fem care products, because I didn’t know that the absorbency rate is different between incontinence products and fem care products. I can remember running hurdles in junior high school and hoping against hope that my liner wouldn’t leak!  Oi.

When I found Poise Microliners, I was sold.  I could take my kids to the nearby National Park and not worry that there aren’t any porta potties on the trail.

Trust Poise Microliners to keep you dry when exploring the nearby National Park and all it has to offer. #poiselinerlove #ad

I could put on my prettiest dress, look fabulous, and not worry that LBL would ruin my night.

Poise Microliners help you look and feel your best. #poiselinerlove #ad

I use Poise Microliners because I refuse to allow bladder leakage to keep me from enjoying life to the fullest! Let’s face it, life doesn’t have a pause button, and neither does bladder leakage.



This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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