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How To Improve Your Child’s Interest in Reading

Have your attempts to help your child learn to read been met with this face?  Are your child’s reading skills lacking because he or she is not that interested in actually learning how to read?  Well, there may be no need to worry. Believe it or not, many young children go through a phase when they have little to no interest in reading. If you’re like me, you want to help your child develop a love of reading!  Check out these tips on how to improve your child’s interest in reading…

Is your child uninterested in learning to read? Check out these times on how to improve your child's interest in reading! @thatbaldchick

  1. Read to them!  It seems so simple, and practically goes without saying, but reading to your child on a regular basis is quite possibly the easiest way to improve their interest in reading. Set aside a specific time each day to read to your child.  Let them pick a favorite book (or ten).  Many families have story time close to bed time, to help the kids unwind, but any time of day would work.
  2. Be the example! Children are great at mimicking you (just ask me). Make sure you are setting a good example for your child by reading yourself whenever you get a chance. If you’re relaxing before bed or lounging out by the pool, pick up a book to show your child that reading can actually be fun.
  3. Make it fun!  I invested in the Let’s Learn to Read 10-DVD Collection by Rock ‘N Learn on Groupon because my kiddos love music and love to sing.  You can also check out and for more ways to make reading fun.
  4. Get Involved!  An easy way to improve your child’s interest in reading is to get him or her involved with reading events. You may want to look at attending a book fair or other events held by your local library or bookstore to get your child interested in reading.  Our library has a winter and summer reading club, where the kids earn prizes for completing a set number of hours reading.
  5. Reward them!  When all else fails, bribery a reward system works wonders! Make sure the rewards are in your child’s currency.  Does your child love chocolate?  Perhaps M&Ms would serve as encouragement.  Does your child has a favorite app or game?  Reward effort with a few extra minutes of play time.  Does your child love stickers?  How about a sticker book with fun reading stickers?

As you can see, helping to improve your child’s reading skills isn’t all that difficult. Use these simple tips to assist your little one in discovering the joys of reading.  Soon enough, that look of utter disinterest could be replaced with one of utter happiness when your child is able to read independently.

how to improve your child's interest in reading @thatbaldchick


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