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Healthy Meal Options for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is notorious for being the holiday in which no one cares what they eat. However, you don’t need to have that mentality. There are healthy meal options available for Thanksgiving. If you’re having a hard time coming up with meal options, check out these healthy meal options for Thanksgiving!

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A Homemade Salad Bar
For those of you who really need a healthy option for Thanksgiving, consider a homemade salad bar. If you have ever gone to a restaurant or supermarket, you will find a really nice salad bar available. Create your own salad bar right at home with lettuce, dressing, and all of the fixings you can think of!

Veggie Pizzas
One great thing about Thanksgiving dinner is that you can make whatever you want. Veggie pizzas are yummy but are also on the healthier side. Create a crust out of cauliflower and from there, you can add create your own version of veggie pizza. Step it up a notch with this cauliflower crust recipe!

Grilled or Smoked Chicken or Turkey
Instead of loading your turkey with tons of unhealthy things, consider grilling or smoking that chicken or turkey. This is a healthier version of your Thanksgiving dinner, only it doesn’t come with guilt. We smoke our turkey, and it has a ton of flavor without all the calories from basting, etc.  You can also make some yummy sides, like sweet potato fries.

Go for the Soup
If all else fails and you cannot think of anything else to make “healthy” for Thanksgiving, consider going for soup. You can make tons of homemade soups to satisfy your cravings. Here are 25 soup recipes that would make great options!

Fish is Another Alternative
If you have run out of ideas and are a seafood fan, then consider making fish your go to healthy meal for Thanksgiving this year. You can dress up your fish any way you like and still keep it relatively healthy. Try this Saffron Braised Celery and Grilled Fish with Hot Sauce Buerre Blanc recipe for the more refined meal, and then serve the kids these coconut oat crusted fish nuggets would be a huge hit with the kids!

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Cooking a healthy dinner for Thanksgiving is nothing to shy away from!  When you make a healthy meal for Thanksgiving, you won’t feel so bad about splurging on the dessert!




This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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