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Foto Friday- Popeye

You know how Popeye always has his right eye squinched shut?


My little Mister does the same thing, ANY time bright lights (camera flashes, sunlight) hit his eyes…

boy popeye<—Exploring Missouri’s State Park at Cuivre River, 2011

photosensitivity<—At St. Louis University, 2011

photophobia<—At the annual NFED Apple Classic Golf Tournament, 2011

photosensitivity<—At Deanna Rose Farmstead near Kansas City, 2010

I can’t tell you how many pairs of toddler sunglasses he’s gone through!  Photosensitivity is common with ectodermal dysplasias, and it just so happens that the eye that he clenches shut to light is the eye that was banded at birth.  I’m not sure if there is any correlation between the two, but it is also interesting to note that I clench the same eye shut when exposed to bright lights.  Like mother, like son, right?

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  1. April Decheine says:

    My son use to do that when he was little to, one thing that my son still does is yawn when he is playing sports or gets excited, very funny.

  2. Oh my goodness, how cute is he 😉

  3. Little Mister is sooo cute!!

  4. I could do nothing but smile looking at these photos.

  5. So adorable!

    Camera lights, sunlight, or any type of bright light hurts my eyes, too since I have Photophobia.

  6. I seriously laughed out loud (& needed to!) Love it!

  7. That just SO cracks me up! I think I clench that eye shut too. I wonder why everyone has one particular eye that they need shut.

  8. Oh my goodness, way tooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  9. That is so cute, I can’t believe you have that many pictures like that.

  10. Aw he’s so cute!! Very adorable 🙂

  11. He’s so cute! I have very sensitive eyes, my eyedoctor says it’s partly because they are so light in color. I close my left eye though. I’m left-handed, not sure if it correlates.

  12. Such cute pictures. I close my right eye when trying to focus on something in the distance. It’s not the sun though, it’s that I use to wear contacts with mono-vision so one eye focuses on distance and the other on near. I rarely wear the contacts now but I keep closing that eye so I think it’s more habit now than anything.

  13. Get that boy some spinach! LOL…he’s adorable, and so is his sister.