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When Easter Eggs Hatch

I once saw this postcard as a kid, and fell in love with it.

easter egg hatch
It always made me wonder what would happen if Easter eggs did hatch.

What Happens When Easter Eggs Hatch at

Easter Chicks

I mean, is that where the idea of Peeps came from?

Seriously, though, in many parts of the world, including Central America, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and China, brightly hued birds are sold at market.  Some vendors believe that the colored chicks sell better than an average chick.

Jalapa 12 - Selling coloured chicks

Some vendors also include a matching carry case for the rainbow chick.

colored chicks

In most cases, a non-toxic dye is injected into the egg with care not to injure the growing chick. Apparently no harm befalls the fowl in the dying process.  colored chicks

The dye colors their down, which is replaced by feathers as they grow older.  When their feathers come in, the rainbow birds return to the typical coloring.


Which is good, I suppose, if you have a hacked off hatchling on your hands, mad at the world for mistaking him and his siblings for Peeps.

Peeps Sake

There you have it.

(P.S.  Because I LOVED that postcard, I found it on Etsy and bought it!  I plan to frame it and use it with our Easter decor).

Aside from that, I much prefer to keep my Easter coloring to coloring books.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I’m glad they have found a non toxic die as the die they use to use did hurt the chicks. Interesting post and i love the postcard.

  2. awwww I want rainbow chicks I luv them my kids would love them but they don’t stay little too long
    luv the post

  3. They are so cute! I want a blue one! Are you sure they are not harmed in anyway? O_o

  4. I have to have colored chicks…seriously way to cute!

  5. Very interesting. When I was a little girl, they used to give away colored chicks at the hardware store at Easter, one per child in the family. My parents got them every year for us. When they grew up, they were dinner.

  6. Very interesting.. Not sure I would be for it even if it’s no harm..

  7. That is unusual and different for sure. I still wonder if there is any harm to the chicks though.

  8. They are adorable – as long as it doesn’t hurt the little chickies, I think it’s cute.

  9. Adorable! nothing I would have ever considered….so sweet

  10. I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I do think they look very cute. I just hope the dye is water based. Thanks for sharing!

  11. How beautiful but OMG I hope you’re correct in that the little chicks weren’t harmed in any way. Cute. Too cute.

  12. I love Etsy–so funny that you were able to find that postcard on there! Those chicks are gorgeous, but I’m glad to hear that they dye is non-toxic. 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh..those are too cute. I probably would buy a colored chick…and just keep it as a pet! HA! I love the postcard and I love that you were able to find it on Etsy!

  14. Awwww….KoolAid colored chicks

  15. They look so cute!

  16. Oh my. That is one of the craziest things I have ever seen LOL. I can’t believe they actually do that to the chicks.

  17. Such cute little chicks. Thanks for sharing!

  18. We always see bright colored chickens at the State Fair, and it looks very odd.

  19. They are really pretty!

  20. That is so interesting although I am on the side that we should leave well enough alone. Still cute though!

  21. Wow not sure that I like this chicks are suppose to be soft yellow things 🙂

  22. Wow, while they look SO cute and gorgeous, I am afraid that it does do some harm to those poor little chickies 🙁

  23. I’m afraid my hippie/green side is coming out now. I feel SO bad for those chickes. 🙁 I think it does harm them. :/ Don’t mind me though. I drive my mother/dad nuts with my save the tree posters, vegan eating habits, and all the other stuff that I do to help make the world a better place. lol

  24. Cute but I wondered if it doesn’t harm them. Bright colors indeed.

  25. Awww, these pictures are so cute!

  26. I want a pink one! And I love that postcard too. Very cute!

  27. April Decheine says:

    Wow, I have been researching my chicks for the past few weeks as to which ones I am getting, never heard of this!

  28. I did not know you could get colored chicks. They are so cute! And, I do hope it doesn’t harm them,though.

  29. Oh my gosh, they are so beautiful! I love the rainbow chickies 🙂 Totally love it! As long as it’s safe for them, lol…but really so beautiful.

  30. Interesting. Who would of thought to dye real chickens.

  31. oh my goodness, such a cute post! Definitely brighten up my Monday. It’s interesting to also learn that some places do dye the real chickens, it’s a little odd but as long as it doesn’t harm the little chicks it’s pretty darn cute. Can you imagine walking along and seeing all those brightly colored chicks! 🙂

  32. Those are so insanely cute it hurts. As long as it REALLY doesn’t hurt the chickens, I love that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  33. Since it doesn’t hurt them, I think it’s really pretty cute!

  34. WOAH! I love that it doesn’t harm them because they look awesome.

  35. wow – science is amazing – wish they had these at our Farm park! 🙂