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Building Great Minds with KEVA from @Mindware #MindWareToys

One of the things that I love about homeschooling is that we have the liberty to explore the interests that our children have while learning.  It’s especially fun when I can pull all three kids into a lesson! My son loves to build things, loves all things mechanical, and has a penchant for launching objects through the air.  I could get irritated, or I could put those together and see what we get.  Cue KEVA building kits from Mindware! We selected the KEVA Catapult, Trebuchet and Wrecking Ball Set and the KEVA Contraptions Set to work with.

KEVA building kits from @Mindware #adMy son chose to start by building KEVA Trebuchet. My oldest daughter wanted to help build because it involved glue.  🙂

Building a KEVA trebuchet from @Mindware #ad

I put my son in charge of reading the directions, since this was his project.  We had a minor hiccup in construction in that we installed the support columns on the wrong sides of the base.  We removed them, deconstructed them, and then installed them correctly.

Trebuchet building with KEVA from @Mindware #adMy son leans heavily toward perfectionism, so the minor hiccup was a great way for me to reinforce that mistakes are opportunities to learn.  We had an appointment that we had to leave for, so the rest of our building fun and testing the trebuchet had to be delayed to another day.

testing the KEVA trebuchet

Now that our trebuchet was built, it was time to test it out.


Of course, my oldest daughter wanted to test it out as well.

After Sister had a turn, we had to test what happened if we added weight to the counterweight basket.

Finally, we had to test what would happen when weight is removed from the counterweight basket.

Building the KEVA Trebuchet was a lot of fun, even with the minor hiccup. The kids have enjoyed testing it out and having permission to lauch objects in the living room. Both are looking forward to future building days with the other KEVA kits!

MindWare offers free lesson plans that correspond with KEVA products, too.

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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