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Birthday Outlook

It’s been a while since I’ve used birthday candles on my cakes, but if I did, I’d want one as cute as this (and flameless, lest I should set off any alarms)…

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


So, 36 just sneaked right up and bonked me on the head.

I honestly didn’t think about the fact that it is my birthday until I opened my Facebook page and saw the deluge of warm wishes from family and friends!   I couldn’t help but smile as the emails, texts, phone calls, and Facebook wishes rolled in.  Thanks, ya’ll!

It made me think of past birthdays.

When it comes down to it, age really is just a number.

25 sucked because I expected it to suck. It was one of the most miserable years of my life. I got what I expected.

Then, I started expecting more. 30 was awesome. I’d just married my best friend, and knew it was going to be a great year. It was.

35 was even better.
What matters is outlook.

EYE Glasses

I’ve often heard, “You get what you ask for…” and “Come expecting…”

I am doing just that.

Should Jesus tarry, I expect it to be my best year yet!

What age did you like being the most? What age did you like being the least?

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  1. I hope you have a FANTASTIC year!

  2. Oh yes! May this be your best year yet on every front!!

  3. Have a wonderful year! I’ve liked all of my adult years – you couldn’t PAY me enough to relive those teen years!!

  4. Happy Birthday Virginia! I wish you the best year ahead.

  5. Happy birthday. And with an attitude like the one you have, you will have a wonderful year!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope this is your best year, yet!

  7. You are going to have a wonderful year!!!

  8. I love your outlook!!

  9. A great year for you ahead, best wishes~!

  10. I don’t have a best or worst year I don’t think. I am enjoying being in my 30’s though.

  11. so far true and a great way to look at it. I gave up birthdays I don’t like them any more

  12. I turned 30 and it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. I guess my favorite years was 21 because I got married 😉

  13. Every age has it’s good and bad KWIM? My 22 year rocked!

  14. I sure hope you’re right. I just reached 29 last week and I am DREADING next year’s big number. I am trying to be grateful to even be able to celebrate another year, but it’s tough.