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10 Budget Dates

If you’re anything like us, having a routine date night with your sweetheart can crunch the budget because paying the babysitter, for three kids, has to be factored in every. single. time.  Being mindful of a budget should never prevent couples from going on a date and enjoying each others company.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy a night out (or in) without breaking the bank. Enjoy each other’s company with the following 10 budget dates and avoid looking like a cheapskate!10 budget dates to enjoy with your sweetheart @thatbaldchick

Grab some conversation starters, and prepare to spend some time together!


10 Budget Dates to Enjoy with Your Sweetheart

  1. If the weather permits, have a picnic at a local park or go on a hike.  We’re fortunate to have awesome local parks and forest preserves.
  2. If it’s too cold to enjoy the great outdoors, whip up a homemade meal and serve it unconventionally – breakfast in bed, soup and sandwiches by the fireplace, or go all out with a white table cloth and candles in your own dining room. Of course, this one may have to be a family date if you have kids, unless you swap sitter duties with a friend.
  3. Pick out a blockbuster film for next to nothing at your local Redbox, or select one on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and hit up the dollar store for a smorgasbord of candy so you can have your own movie night right at home. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  4. Visit an arcade and act like a kid again. Twenty dollars can buy several games of billiards, air hockey, car races, or ski ball.
  5. Go to a golf range and share a bucket of balls, which usually costs less than $8. Even if you don’t own your own clubs, the facility probably has a few used sets on hand for you to borrow from.
  6. Get your sweat on with a fitness class or dance lessons. Relax your stresses away with yoga if fast paced workouts aren’t your thing. If your budget is nothing, go for a run or utilize the many free workout videos that can be found online.
  7. Visit a local landmark, art museum, or other free attraction together.  Most cities have a lot to offer that is cheap or free.
  8. Check out your local craft or hardware store for free project events. Not only do you get the opportunity to make something neat, but you can do it together!
  9. Volunteer with each other – make a meal for the homeless, do yard work for a neighbor, deliver flowers to hospital patients, or organize canned goods at the food pantry.
  10. Visit a local flea or farmers market. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fun to take your time and browse through the goods!

Enjoy these 10 budget dates with your sweetheart! @thatbaldchick

There are plenty of ways to enjoy each others company without spending a lot of money! With a little creativity, you can have a great time, even if you are on a budget.




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