Fun Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Kids

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that most anyone can enjoy. While it is sometimes associated with adult parties and alcohol, there are many fun ways that to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with  kids, as well. Below, you can find some of my favorite fun ways to celebrate this lucky holiday with kids.

Fun Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Kids @thatbaldchick

1.    Eat Green

Since the tradition is to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, why not make a meal out of green foods as well. While there are many green foods, like spinach and lettuce, your kids will probably prefer some traditional foods that have been dressed up with a little bit of green food coloring. Everyone will love dipped strawberries for St Patrick’s Day.  Kids love baking and cooking with their parents, so let them let them help make these Simple Shamrock Brownies, these Easy Shamrock Pancakes, or these Shamrock Krispy Treats.

2.    Play a Game

Cut some shamrocks out of green construction paper and hide them around the house. Then you can send your little ones off on a hunt for them. When someone finds one of the hidden shamrocks, you can offer them a Lucky Leprechaun Wand as a reward. .

3.    Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Looking for a way to spend some time outdoors? Take your kids to a big field of clovers and turn them loose. The first one to find a four leaf clover is the winner. You can also have a fun reward for this game as well; just make sure that the prize is related to the holiday.

4.    Throw a Rainbow Party

A pot of gold is always at the end of the rainbow, so why not throw a Rainbow Party?  You can serve rainbow food with blue sky fruit dip, decorate with rainbow ornaments, a leprachaun hat rainbow mobile, and display suckers with this DIY rainbow lollipop holder.  For crafts, make this Leprechaun Play Dough and coffee filter shamrocks.

5.    Plant Flowers

Since the holiday is in the spring, you can always take to the outdoors and begin planting some flowers. While this might not necessarily coincide with the traditional holiday, it is a great way to teach your kids about the importance of ‘living green’ and will help you to get in the spring mood.

6.    Skittle Rainbow Fun

Rainbows, leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day go hand in hand. What better way to combine the three than to take a huge bag of Skittles and make your very own rainbow with your kids. While you can glue them to a piece of paper for decoration, it’s probably best that you leave them as they are (so that you can eat them later).

7.    Treasure Hunt

One of the best things for kids to be a part of is a treasure hunt. You can easily incorporate a treasure hunt into your St. Patrick’s Day celebration by requesting that your children find the leprechauns bag of gold that is hidden somewhere in your house. Hide little clues around your house so that your children will have some clues to find the big treasure of the day.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that is sometimes overlooked in the celebration industry. However, there are so many different activities that you can do with your kids during this time that is would be a shame to miss out on some of them. So, this year, make sure that you and your kids spend some time celebrating this holiday and all of the fun that it holds.


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