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Zubels Eco-Friendly Hand Knit Toys

When I think of hand knit toys, I think of the sock monkeys that we had as kids.  Do you know how hard it is to find a cute sock monkey these days?  Well, despair no more!  Zubels introduces a new line of 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly hand knit characters.   These toys are quirky, cute, and stuffed with love!



Parents will be delighted to meet these new adorable hand knit toys which are hitting stores near you.  Zubels are created using eco-friendly dyes and 100% all-natural super soft cotton giving them an exquisite touch.  Each unique Zubels character is 100% hand knit and stuffed to perfection.  One look at these playful characters will have kids falling in love and creating a world of their own through imaginary play.

Every Zubels character is created with a distinct personality, just like every child!  These adorable toys are perfect for your green baby and eco-toddler. Every Zubels character is created with a distinct personality, just like every child!

Zubels are heirloom quality toys which are sure to be cherished and loved by children of all ages.  All Zubels characters have been tested safe and are suitable for ages from birth and up. These 100% super soft organic cotton knit characters also wash beautifully and they are budget friendly. With prices that start under $15, Zubels are one of the most affordable hand knit organic toys on the market.

Zubels recently sent us Nature Lovin Norman and Grasshopper Gordan for review.


Mister and Sister love their Zubels.  The only problem we have encountered with the Zubels is when both kids want the same one.  LOL.  Fortunately, I think Sister prefers Grasshopper Gordan, as she likes to walk around the house shaking him and “making music.”


The thing that I love the most about the Zubels is that they are 100% hand-knit.  Meaning, they don’t have any embellishments on them that can come off in the kids’ mouths and choke them.  Oh, and that all-natural cotton?  Super soft!  They are brightly colored, and have stood the tests of slobber and sibling rivalry.

Zubels are available in retail stores, however, there isn’t one available within a hundred miles of my home.  Fortunately, some Zubels are available on Amazon.

Meet Admiral Dorris and First Mate Borris.


How stinking cute are they?  These two are not your momma’s old sock monkey!  These two are on our list of characters to add to our Zubels Zoo.  After all, every child needs a sock monkey, right?

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What is your favorite Zubel?

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