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Zookaboo Diaper Cover

Press Sample

I don’t remember which blog I was on when I first saw a Zookaboo (aka Zookiescrafts) cloth diaper cover, but I knew when I saw it that I was in trouble because it was BEYOND cute!  Zookaboo cloth diaper covers can be used over any prefold or fitted cloth diaper. They can also be used alone as a swim diaper. Her print designs are ta die for cute.  One of the designs that I absolutely fell in love with is the Chevron stripes.  Ermagoodness. Zookaboo Chevron Diaper Cover

Zookaboo covers are made of two layers of fabric.  The inner layer is waterproof (typically white) PUL (polyurethane laminate) and the outer layer is a 100% cotton.  The double layer allows for cute cute prints on the outer.  You can choose either snaps or hook and loop closure.

Zookaboo diaper covers are available sized (XS, S, M, L) or as a one size cover. We got the Chevron Stripe in an XS (newborn) and a OS cover with snaps.  The snaps are double row of snaps with white fold over elastic. The hook and loop closures include laundry tabs to keep them from snagging other items.

Zookaboo Handmade

The XS cover fits our 7 pounder perfectly.  We are using it over yellow edge prefolds and have not had any leaks around the waist or legs.  We haven’t used the OS cover yet, but the construction and seams are perfect.  As you can see in the photo above, the double layer of fabric keeps the snaps from rubbing baby’s skin and irritating it.

The care of these covers is super simple.  Simply toss them in the wash (on cold or warm) with cloth diaper safe detergent and line dry.  Of course, dry once before use to seal any holes in the PUL from sewing seams.  We like our Zookaboo covers so well, I’ve already purchased a Christmas cover for our Little Miss.

Zookaboo Christmas

^^I Bought This^^

Swoon.  I’ve started stalking Zookaboo on Facebook because she frequently runs Flash Friday sales (that’s how I snagged the Christmas cover in April).  So fun!  Now I have my eye on a cute Zebra print diaper cover.
Zookaboo makes coordinating cover and tee sets, wet bags, wipes, blankets, and so much more.  Shop the cutest prints at  Check out Zookaboo on Etsy and Zookaboo on Pinterest, too.

For those of you that have asked me what we would like for the baby, the answer is gift certificates to Zookaboo.  LOL.

I’ll be giving away a custom OS cover in the Fluffy Mail Blog Hop May 1-15!

Fluffy Mail Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop

I’ll also be giving away a custom OS cover in my Cloth Diaper Derby later in May!

Cloth Diaper Derby

Which Zookaboo print is your favorite?

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  1. Vicki Hale says:

    These are adorable. I love the holiday ones. And the chevron ones are cute too! Thank you. Vicki

  2. oh man. my husband would loooove that construction diaper! (take a wild guess at what he does for a living!) 🙂

  3. Beth R says:

    I love that there are sized diapers too! Especially for the tiny little ones. So hard to find a cover that truly fits a newborn

  4. I love that chevron one (and that it’s unisex!)

  5. I love anything chevron!

  6. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Zookaboo has to have the cutest covers I have ever seen! They truly have something tot everyone 🙂

  7. Linda R says:

    These prints are so much fun and very unique.

  8. Laura P says:

    These are precious, and I keep forgetting you can use covers for swim diapers too. Do you use this at night right now, or just for daytime?

  9. Aimee P. says:

    Most adorable covers i have seen. I love the chevron in your pictures

  10. Judith Martinez says:

    I love all the prints that she has! It would be so easy to just coordinate the cover with a shirt or little dress and be done with the outfit for the day.

  11. Vicki Hall says:

    The prints on these covers are really adorable I’d love to try one of these

  12. Michelle Lee says:

    I hope I can catch one of those sales! I love the prints!

  13. Melissa G. says:

    Seems like a great cover. I am surprised at how many options they have on their site. They have a print for everyone! 🙂

  14. I love that chevron diaper!

  15. I love that you can choose sized diaper covers or OS. I’m all about versatility! Not to mention, the prints are ADORABLE!!!

  16. Cute! Two of my favorites are Rock and Roll and Farm Animal!

  17. Jutta P. says:

    She has some very unique prints. I love it. And the t-shirts that match are so cute!!!

  18. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Zookaboo has the cutest covers! There are so many choices! And I love the sets with matching t-shirts!

  19. Laura P says:

    Thanks for the review – good to see that the XS fits a 7 lb baby well. Still deciding on what to purchase for my newborn stash… this definitely helps!

  20. So many fun covers to choose from.

  21. Kasie E. says:

    OMG! Loving that little chevron booty!

  22. Kristyn E. says:

    I LOVE these. I love that there are matching t-shirt/cover sets. I have my eye on several of the girly skull prints.

  23. Rachel A. says:

    These prints are so cute. I love how bright they are. I haven’t tried just covers and inserts, but I might have to to try these out!

  24. Lissa E. says:

    I love the matching tee and diaper sets, especially the retro cassettes!

  25. Lauren Powell says:

    I love all her covers they are all well crafted and well made and she always picks the cutest patterns for boy and girl and some great gender neutral covers as well!

  26. I am in love with anything rainbow chevron, so cute! I didn’t realize they had changed names, I have a zookies cover:)

  27. Sarah Hayes says:

    Ive had my eye on several of these diapers for awhile now. they are so cute!