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Zoobean Review + Giveaway (1/26)

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We love books in our house.  You might think it’s because we homeschool, but I was a zoobean heart logobibliophile long before I had kids.  From time to time, we get stuck in a rut as to what book to get and read next.  We go to the library, a lot, and sometimes just stand in front of the stacks.  Who knows if we’ll like the book we pull off the shelf or not.  I recently learned about Zoobean.  Zoobean is a discovery platform and service that tailors book and app selections for each individual child, to their individual reading level, age, preferred interests and topics.


Let me show you how it works.  First, you sign up. Then you pick your plan.  You can choose hardcover or paperback.



After you’ve selected your plan, you’ll answer a series of questions about the recipient. First you’ll answer the recipients age, then what kinds of characters most interest the child.


Then you identify the child’s favorite genres.  Never fear, you can always change them later.


After genres, you pick the child’s interests.  I love that they have a “Not So Pink Girls” option for my mud-loving girl!


Then you select the child’s reading level.  They have everything from board books to chapter books with content primarily for ages 8+.


Finally, you enter your information and the child’s shipping information and sit back and relax.  When your book arrives, it will elicit smiles galore.


But wait, there’s more!  They offer reading guides for the book that you receive…


The reading guide includes suggestions on activities and questions to explore before reading the book, vocabulary development, discussion questions, and a recommended activity that compliments the story.  The reading guide is downloadable from the email, or you can view it on the site.

They also follow up with an email with recommended apps that are based on the preferences you have selected.

For example, we received two app recommendations, based on our selections.  The first was the Strangebeard-The Pirate Princess recommendation, which is about Isabel, the Princess.  She goes to a party dressed as a pirate and incredible adventures ensue.  The second app recommendation was for There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System, which is a The Cat in the Hat adventure in space.  Both apps were in the iOS format and can be purchased from the Zoobean page.  We’re an Android family, so I did not purchase the apps.

I love the fact that the subscriber or gift purchaser can update the preferences listed for each child anytime throughout the subscription since kids interests change.

As a Mom, I love this platform.  It takes the guesswork out of picking books for my kids.  As an educator, I love this platform because the reading guide is chock full of tips on how to use each book.  Since my kids love technology, I love the app recommendations, too.  This is one subscription box service that is well worth the investment and one we just may continue!

Connect with Zoobean socially: Zoobean on Facebook, at @zoobeanforkids on Twitter, +Zoobean on G+, Zoobean on Instagram, and pin with Zoobeanforkids on Pinterest.

And now, one lucky reader will receive a 3-month subscription to Zoobean for the booklover in their life!  Enter below and good luck!



What is your favorite genre of books to read to your kids, or what genre did you enjoy most as a kid?
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  1. The Rain Train. He loves anything trains

  2. Awesome!
    I’m going to do a little more digging and see if this is something we can sign up and do..
    (We are in canada)
    I noticed the ninja pig book…is that with picking up?
    We saw it in this months book orders

  3. this is awesome! my kids get SO excited for new books. we are big readers in our house

  4. I love this idea, just can’t afford it. But I love the new books every few months and kids would definitely love getting packages for themselves.

  5. My kids would really love this since they all love books! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. When I was growing up we have very little money. My mom didn’t buy toys but she always found a way to buy books and I read all the classics even before I started school. This has fared well for me as I always read several grade levels ahead. If my kids were little this would be something I would be signing up for!

  7. What a great idea! I’m always trying to figure out what are age-appropriate books for my kids.

  8. I’m so glad you are loving real books. There is nothing like real books Good for you for instilling your love of books into your kids!

  9. This would have been so great when my daughter was younger. She went through books so fast that sometimes we couldn’t think of any new books to read.

  10. I love that you can gear the book for the child’s individual needs!

  11. This is a really neat program. Would be great for any reader.

  12. My family has always loved to go to the library. I love having a book in my hand – it is like having a best friend. This sounds like a great resource for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This looks like a really neat resource for kids to help them with reading.

  14. I think the additional suggestions for apps and other ideas is fantastic! When kids love something, they want more of it and that’s a perfect way!

  15. What a nice idea, my kids would love the book your daughter is reading!

  16. My toddler just loves to read, every book she can grab her little hands on she tries to read. This sounds like a great way to introduce kids to the love of reading.

  17. What a great program for the kids. Reading is so important.

  18. I love, love love this! I am going to check it out and sign up my six year old right now!

  19. My two youngest love books. They would totally love a service like this.

  20. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    My daughter would like the Bear in Love book.

  21. what a great resource– and so many great books for your kids!

  22. Wow this is great, I’ve never seen anything like this before. This would make it so much easier to choose books.

  23. What a great idea! Its like the new age Highlight books that we use to get as a kid. Thank you for this review.

  24. kelly tillotson says:

    i know my son would love

    Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame, and What the Neighbors Thought or Lincoln Tells a Joke: How Laughter Saved the President (and the Country)
    He is a presidential trivia kind of 5 year old…

  25. I think my daughter would love the I Wanna Iguana book!

  26. Anne Sweden says:

    We love packages and we love books. Sounds like a great program! My little ones would love Chugga Chugga Choo Choo or any of the train books.

  27. My daughter would love to read Big Snow

  28. Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas looks like a cute book!

  29. We’d like to read Steam Train, Dream Trin!

  30. Good Morning Toucan looks really fun!

  31. Pauline Milner says:

    Our son would love the book Fire Truck by Peter Sis. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.