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Wuggle Pets Love

Have you heard of Wuggle Pets?  I hadn’t either, until I received the opportunity to review them.  I thought it would be a fun project with the kids, so I agreed.

Wuggle Pets Starter KitWuggle Pets is an assortment of eight collectable baby pets that children bring to life with a 12-piece starter kit. The kit includes one Wuggle Pets “factory”, an unfilled plush Unicorn and Puppy, two bags of stuffing, two bags of magic star dust, two sheets of personality charms, two birth certificates and a zipper lock.

The starter kit is $19.99 and the individual kits are $7.99 each and are available online at or on Amazon.

Our Wuggle Pets Starter Kit arrived and the kids were excited to get started.  Mister quickly chose the blue puppy, which was perfect, because I knew Sister would want the “horsey with a horn.”

Our kitchen table quickly because the Wuggle Pet Assembly Line.

Wuggle PetsWuggle PetsWuggle Pets

Daddy joined in the fun, and helped stuff the factory. I added the magic star dust. Then Mister stuffed the Cuddle Puppy.

Wuggle PetsWuggle Pets

He decided to give his puppy ALL of the character traits, and then I zipped him up…

Wuggle PetsWuggle Pets

Now it was Sister’s turn to stuff the Magical Unicorn…

Wuggle PetsWuggle Pets

Of course, her unicorn was stuff with all of the character traits, too.

Wuggle PetsWuggle Pets

When all was said and done, we had two happy kids and lots of Wuggle Pets snuggles, huggles, and love.

Wuggle Pets Magic DustWuggle Pets Factory

And some left over magic star dust.

Mister wants the Wuggle Pets Funny Monkey and Sister wants the Wuggle Pets Playful Pony next.

Wuggle Pets Funny MonkeyWuggle Pets Playful Pony

I see more Wuggle Pets in our future!

Why not give your little ones some Wuggle Pets love for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. I saw those at Michael’s I think it was and I thought they were really cute. Obviously they are! Glad the kids like them!

  2. Those look like such fun! We gave a set of those as a gift to my neice for Christmas.

  3. Too cute ! ! ! ! ! ! :):):):)

    Never heard of these.

  4. Miranda Miller says:

    these look neat, im going to have to get my son one

  5. These are super cute

  6. We LOVE Wuggle Pets! They sell the refills at our local Walmart for about $8!

  7. My kids would love those!

  8. how fun and you can make those at home. tooo cute