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WOW, what a week!

It has been a crazy week here!  Mister had an ENT appointment on Tuesday at St Louis Children’s Hospital.  It was a follow up to his tube placement that was done in June.  They tried to do a behavioral hearing test, but it was not reliable, so he will have to be retested in January. 

Then, he had surgery yesterday.  He was born with a hypospadius and megameatus (basically, his pee hole was too big and in the wrong spot), so we had to have it repaired. He came home with a catheter.  Fun, fun.

He also had his tear ducts probed and flushed again.  The eye doctor tried to put stents in his tear ducts, but they (the tear ducts) were just too small. So, if his eyes remain symptomatic, we will have to try again in a few weeks. 

He has been cranky since the surgery, as could be expected.  But, over all, he is doing well.  He actually played for a bit today, and I was able to get some smiles out of him.  He has the cutest smiles.  ::: proud shrug:::

I have been working on several things recently.  First of all, my contribution to the ADSD collab is ready to go, so be sure to check back on the 1st!  The theme for this one is "Cornucopia of Color."  I have seen previews from some of the other designers, and boy are you in for a TREAT!

I also just finished my FIRST CU Grab Bag!  Available exclusively at Pretty Scrappy!  This bag has 5 brand new commercial use products, and no credit is required!  The value is over $30!  But, I am selling it for just $6 for a limited time. 


In honor of Labor Day, I am putting my entire store on sale for 50% off!  That includes the new grab bag.  Yep, you can snag it for just $3 through 9/1/08. 

My husband’s Mom, Dad, and sis CeeCee are coming to visit this weekend.  I am so excited!  They live in KC, MO, and it’s been a few months since we saw them last.  I HAD planned on us going to KC for the holiday weekend, but for some dumb reason thought it was next weekend.  When I realized it was only 3 days after Z’s surgery, and that he was coming home with a catheter for a week, I really didn’t feel comfortable traveling too far from the hospital.  So, my dear in-laws decided to come here.  What a relief!  I felt horrible that I had to cancel our trip there.  I am so glad that Z will get to see his grandparents!

Anywho, I am off to bed. 

I have some great new overlays in the works, as well as some new kits.  I can’t wait to finish them up to show you the previews!

Have a great day, and be blessed!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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