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Worth the Wait

You may remember that I wrote a post, back in February, entitled Delayed Gratification in which I discussed how disappointed I was when I learned that I would not be getting dentures in one day at the “$99 dentures in one day”, and that it would take up to two weeks to get the metal caste back for my lower partial denture.

That was five weeks ago.  Yes.  FIVE!

The office called when the metal caste came in, and I went in for an appointment on March 9th.  The wax mock ups for both the full upper denture and lower partial denture were ready to be tried in, and I was excited!  The upper denture fit great, but I was NOT happy with the placement of the teeth.  When I smiled, there was a very visible line of “gum.”  Granted, some people have gummy grins, and that is fine.  But, when that “gum” is made of pink acrylic, it is best not to show it off to the world!  So, we discussed resetting the upper teeth in the denture and then moved on to try the lower partial in.

It would not go in my mouth.

The tech was just dumbfounded.

She called the doctor in.

She looked at the lower partial wax mock up and at my mouth.

They removed everything from the metal caste (wax and teeth) and tried again.

No go.

They broke out some wire cutter looking tools and played with the metal caste a bit.

Still no go.

You see, I have two (count them, two) natural teeth.  Both have porcelain crowns with metal inlays for the clasps of a partial to sit in.  Apparently, when the lab received my impressions, they thought there was a mistake with the impressions and ground those two “teeth” down until they were the size that a natural tooth would be.  Then proceeded to make the metal caste from what they thought it should be.


Suffice it to say, I did not get my dentures that day, either.

New impressions had to be made. Which meant another five minutes of sitting with goop in my mouth trying not to gag, while inwardly seething at the nerve of some nameless faceless lab tech in another state who thought he was doing someone a favor by correcting the “problem” with two teeth that were too large and had a funny crook in them.


So, I drove home frustrated and repeating the diddy on patience that I tell my kids…

A friend of mine once taught me the diddy, “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, for it’s seldom found in women, and never found in man.”  While funny, I refuse to believe that it is impossible for my son or husband to be patient, so I tweaked the diddy and say, “Patience is a virtue, possession is a must, for if you don’t have patience, your little heart will rust.”

I finally got a call on Monday that the new metal caste had arrived at the dentist’s office, so I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday to try in the wax mock ups again.  I went in to try them in, and the metal caste was perfect.  But, I still wasn’t pleased with how much “gum” showed on the upper denture.  So, I asked them to reset them again, which they did without complaint.  When they brought them back, I was ecstatic.  I thought they were beautiful.

So, I signed the paperwork stating I was pleased with the aesthetics of the dentures, and that they could make the final acrylic pair.  I went back today, at 2 o’clock, to pick up my teeth.  After smoothing two tiny pressure points, they handed me some denture care goodies, told me to call if I need any adjustments, and sent me on my way.  When I got home, I immediately opened a bag of baby carrots that I had waiting for this very occasion, and began munching away.


Some things are definitely worth the wait!

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  1. Michelle jadaa says:

    Wow they are good!!So glad that they made things right so it was worth the wait:)
    By the way its nice to see a photo,now i can really put a face to the name !


  3. Absolutely stunning 🙂

  4. You look Mahvalous Dahling!

  5. You look beautiful!

  6. They just look terrifficcccc! Well worth the wait!!! What does hubby think about his investment now?

  7. What a beautiful smile!

  8. looks great cuz,of course youve always had a beautiful smile,luv ya kiss those kiddies

  9. Tamara Fletcher says:

    Hey V, you look great, it’s been years but your bright personality is still shining! Luv n Stuff 🙂

  10. You have a wonderful smile!