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Wordless Wednesday- Where Did the Jammies Go

Wordless Wednesday

When Mister came out of his room this morning, he was NOT wearing the jammies I put him to bed in.  Instead, he had on an oragne long sleeved thermal shirt covered by a long sleeved hooded Elmo shirt, a stocking cap, red shorts, and red socks.  Guess his arms and head got cold, but the rest of him didn’t.

And the question remains… where did the jammies go?

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  1. Oh that is cute! My 3 yo daughter gets completely naked as soon as she can….gotta love this age 🙂

    BTW I love your new site!! so easy on the eyes and LOVE the header!

    • Annie- LOL. My almost 2 year old daughter is called “the stripper” by some family members, because she ditches the clothes every chance she gets. Thanks for the compliments on my new site. The header is by of Stef at DPU.

  2. Oh my, he is so funny! he must of wanted red PJs !

  3. HAHA,, that looks very interesting. I have a pic of myself as a child with tights on my head in the middle of the night. I guess my head was cold?

    Thanks for sharing your WW

    You can link up yours too

  4. Love that picture! Kids are so creative with their clothing 🙂

  5. LOL — best. outfit. ever.

  6. Oh my gosh that is so funny, love that “pick my own clothes” stage its hilarious!

  7. too funny!

  8. Don’t you love when they do that! Has he fessed up yet?

    Here’s mine too:

  9. Aww! Nothing like a midnight fashion change!

  10. lol but he’s so creative …all he needs now is Super hero cape ?

  11. too funny! the other day i went in to get my 18-month-old and somehow he had taken off his jammies – totally had to ask, where did the jammies go?

    first time here via twitter, so glad to have found your blog!

  12. That’s so funny. When my son wakes up with different clothing on I know to go check his bed to see if there were any accidents! LOL

  13. LOL…I have kids who go to bed in one thing and wake up in another too…it’s a mystery!

  14. Aw that’s too funny! Gotta love moments like this.

  15. that is tooo funny

  16. Uh-oh lol

  17. Lol…my son comes out of his room dressed in different clothes than he went to bed in almost every morning!

  18. Oh man, little boys are funny.

  19. That is too funny!

  20. LOL! I’m lovin that stocking cap though!

  21. Too cute and too funny! Did you find the missing jammies yet?

  22. So funny!

  23. It’s on all the runways for spring, don’t you know?

  24. That is so funny! Happy Wordless Wednesday, Candace

  25. Cute shot!

  26. Love it! I hope you don’t find those in the trash or somewhere worse!

  27. Haha! Totally adorable!!

  28. Thanks so much for connecting on twitter, I am not following you via google as well. This is too funny, one of my nieces was prone to doing stuff like that at that age. She’d kill me if she saw this post, LOL 🙂