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Wordless Wednesday- We love our Magic Toothbrush


*edited to maintain modesty- commercial use clipart courtesy of The Scrappin Cop

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  1. You crack me up with that diaper you added! lol

  2. LOL. Thanks! I didn’t want anyone using my babies picture for nefarious reasons!

  3. ROTFL!!! Looks like little Miss likes to boogie when she brushes & be au natural!! Love the mirror edit, to funny!
    Hey, anything to get them to brush good works for me!!

  4. Oh, Oh!! I forgot to mention…
    Love the festive look for fall!

    • Little Miss likes to be au naturale every chance she gets. I am forever finding her diapers in odd places! And thanks for the kudos on the new banner!

  5. haha Virginia – love the diaper!! Your babies are so cute!

  6. I love your creative edit! I see people add random clip art like stars or whatever to add modesty but using a diaper or panties graphic is so funny. I’m sure at some point i’ll have to steal your idea for some of the photos I take. haha.

  7. Bwahaha! Love the graphic!