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Wordless Wednesday- Pine Cone

Ever noticed how a pine cone looks like a woody rose?

pine cone

Or how if you’re not careful, the scales will prick you, much like the thorns on a rose will?

Shot with my Canon Elph.


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  1. April Decheine says:

    Love pine cones, I am always wondering what sort of things I can do with them!

  2. Such a cool shot! I never even thought about this before.

  3. It really does and it’s so pretty!

  4. How beautiful and it certainly does!

  5. It does! Great photo.

  6. That is an amazing shot. I love how the top kinda looks like a rose.

  7. What a great picture!

  8. Nature has incredible art and patterns. I love it!

  9. Nice shoNice shot of the pine conet!

  10. I know! Those littel bugger will get you!

  11. Wow!! That is so neat – even before I read what you said I was thinking it looks like a flower!

  12. I never noticed that before, so cool!

  13. Wow, it’s amazing how much like a flower it looks. What a great shot (and a good eye).

  14. Looks pretty, almost like it is bronze.

  15. Such a pretty shot! I love pinecones 🙂