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Wordless Wednesday-Pedi³

Almost Wordless, but I have to share the story…

As you know, Brian and I went to Chicago this past weekend to the Chicago Baby & Toddler Expo.  My friend, LaTonya, graciously hosted us.  After an early dinner on Saturday evening, the three of us went to a local nail salon and got His, Hers, and Hers pedicures.    Or Pedi³.


Of course, Brian’s are the one’s without polish.

When we picked up the kids Sunday afternoon at my Aunt Karyn’s, I showed off my polished piggies and mentioned that the three of us had received pedicures.  My brother razzed Brian about his “manliness” and getting a pedicure.  To which Brian replied, “I’m man enough to get one.”  You go honey!  Oh, and my brother didn’t razz him about anything else for the rest of the evening.  Ha.

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