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Wordless Wednesday-Pedi³

Almost Wordless, but I have to share the story…

As you know, Brian and I went to Chicago this past weekend to the Chicago Baby & Toddler Expo.  My friend, LaTonya, graciously hosted us.  After an early dinner on Saturday evening, the three of us went to a local nail salon and got His, Hers, and Hers pedicures.    Or Pedi³.


Of course, Brian’s are the one’s without polish.

When we picked up the kids Sunday afternoon at my Aunt Karyn’s, I showed off my polished piggies and mentioned that the three of us had received pedicures.  My brother razzed Brian about his “manliness” and getting a pedicure.  To which Brian replied, “I’m man enough to get one.”  You go honey!  Oh, and my brother didn’t razz him about anything else for the rest of the evening.  Ha.

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  1. I love getting a pedicure 🙂 Nice little footsies!

  2. Reminds me I need a pedicure desperately! 🙂 Happy WW!

  3. You tell ’em Brian!
    As any good military man will tell you foot health makes all the difference. And chicks love it too.

    I love trade shows. Only trouble in Chicago, probably most places, is the parking.

    • I was pleasantly surprised that parking was not a problem. It probably helped that we arrived so early and that it was in the burbs!

  4. I sooo need a pedi. My brother n law gets them ALL the time! He talked my husband into getting one. Hubby was definitely uncomfortable in the salon. I doubt that he’ll get one again but he liked the results!

    • I talked hubby into getting a mani for our wedding. He really enjoyed it. And since he enjoyed the pedi, too, I’m thinking maybe we can get them regularly!

  5. How fun! I don’t know if I would ever be able to talk my husband into getting one but I’m sure if I did he would love it!

  6. Ah! I had one last year and would love to have another!

  7. Barbara Higgins says:

    I get one twice a year. I know my son would like something like that because he takes pride on taking care of himself. Go Brian!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE pedicures. I want to move to pedicureland.

  9. Love pedicures! I’ve been trying for years to get my husband to have one. I know once he does he’ll want to be in that chair weekly! Ha!

  10. I’ve never had one done, but it sounds like a great way to relax and get pampered!

  11. love a good pedi!
    even marc likes them…
    just can not get my dad or brother to try!

  12. beautiful! I love pedis way more than I should.

  13. How fun!! I haven’t had a pedi since my son was born – 2 years ago! haha!

  14. That sounds like such a treat!!

  15. ohh, a pedi, I am jealous!!

  16. I love Pedi’s they make you feel so beautiful!