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Wordless Wednesday- First Peppers

I can’t tell you how proud I am that I have picked my first peppers!

homegrown bell peppers

Indeed, they were small, but I just couldn’t resist them.  That, and they both had a little thin spot on them from where they laid on the mulch cover and I didn’t want them to rot.  I wanted to eat them!home grown bell peppers

They were SO yummy!

I can’t wait to be picking my own pack of peppers this summer!

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  1. I miss my garden! It is so awesome to eat food that you grew yourself and know it is safe to eat!

  2. So cool!! Our pepper plants just flowered. I can’t wait to see little buds starting on them. We must have planted much later than you did.

  3. They are cute! And probably just as delicious!!! I’ve been trying to grow just about anything in our yard…not really happening, but the effort and getting outside with the kids is fun!

  4. I bet they were good. It seems that most time smaller veggies taste better than those huge ones.

  5. Those look yummy! I am jealous..

  6. They are gorgeous!

  7. They look great.

    I can’t wait for next year when we can do a garden again.

  8. Your peppers look great! Our plants are definitely getting bigger but only our Thai chilis have ripened – hopefully soon though!

  9. That’s awesome!! I wish I had a garden but everything I try to grow dies.

  10. They look so good! I’m jealous–mine are still teeny tiny little buds on the plants.

  11. These look great! My peppers aren’t doing well, they are getting eaten by some bugs. The rest of the garden seems to be unaffected though.

  12. I’ve been getting tons of things out of my f-i-l’s garden. Yummy!

  13. There is nothing like the taste of fresh produce out of your garden!