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Wordless Wednesday- Blowing Bubbles

Persistence is the key…

Blowing Bubbles

to learning any new skill…

Blowing Bubbles

including blowing bubbles!

Photos shot with my Canon Elph, which is almost always in my back pocket or purse.

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  1. Blowing bubbles is the best!!! It’s always fun!

  2. Allison says:

    I absolutely ADORE when little ones are blowing bubbles. They get this adorable little Shirley Temple pouty mouth thing. Oh just precious. 🙂

  3. We love to blow bubbles at our house too!

  4. we have spent many hours blowing bubbles! So much fun!

  5. AWWW we love bubbles here too.

  6. My kids also love blowing bubbles, and it’s a cheap way to keep them entertained too!

  7. BUBBLES!!!

    They are always a good time!

  8. What a cutie!

  9. Bubbles are the cheapest and most fun thing to do with kids!

  10. What an utter beauty…I know looks aren’t everything, but really, soooo cute!

  11. I love blowing bubbles with the girls. I love to see their excitement and jumping to catch them.