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Wordless Wednesday- A Rat Nest

Okay, since I have no hair, I am at a loss as to how to prevent this…

a rat nest

The last couple of mornings, her hair has had gnarly tangles in it.

a rat nest

Which strangely resemble this:

a rat nest

Minus the old truck cab, of course.

And I have to spend what feels like forever combing them out. Which she doesn’t enjoy.

Suggestions, anyone?

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  1. Jerry Lee says:

    Maybe you could put her hair back into a small ponytail?

    • I worry that if I put it in a pony, she would take the band off and end up cutting off the circulation in her hand or something. KWIM?

  2. Trim it a little bit or have it layered to take off some of the thickness there in the back.

    • The thing is, it really isn’t thick. It’s thin and fine, so if I layer it, she will look bald (like her Momma). Obviously, I do NOT have a problem with bald, but she isn’t getting a haircut until she is five. Just sayin.

  3. First let me say – I stumbled on your website while googling and the name pulled me in. I love the lessons your mom taught you and what a beautiful view you have of how God can use the unique way He created you as a platform to reach people! Wonderful!

    Regarding your poor daughter’s hair, when my second daughter was little her hair was very long and easily tangled (to her bottom by age 5!) and I often braided it to keep it neat and tangle-free. You still have to put a rubber band on the end, but get one that is large enough that it won’t cut off her circulation if she puts it on her wrist and then just double it back enough times to hold the braid tight. I assume you’ve not braided hair, but it’s very easy – separate the hair into 3 bunches and alternate crossing the left bunch and the right bunch over the center bunch.

    My oldest had baby-fine hair that I thought would NEVER amount to enough to put in a pony tail, and I resisted cutting it because there was so little there. But when we finally did as my hairdresser recommended and trimmed the ends (think she was about 4), it really did start to thicken up. At 20 years old, she now has a thick head of hair.

    Finally, when it’s already tangled like that, there are some products that say they help to de-tangle hair and I think they work pretty well to make combing it out a little less painful.

    • Felicia- thanks for the compliment. I have braided her hair, but she always pulls at it and says “Mommy, off” when I do. Perhaps she has a sensitive scalp? I dunno. Anyway, thanks for the tips, and I will look into getting the larger pony bands.

  4. My 4 YO has that problem. Mostly because she won’t let me brush her hair. Which is why I won’t let her grow it out. So it’s just a messy bob now. That said, you can put a little leave-in conditioner in it, and that helps a bit. Hang in there!

  5. When my daughter was little, there was a product called No More Tangles. Not sure if it is still around but I agree with the leave in conditioners…probably a light spray in the am will help the combing process easier!

    • Daphne- I am using a store brand detangler on her now. The thing is, I will put her to bed with her hair free of gnarls, and she gets up with that. Ugh. I think she must be restless at night or something. How else would that happen in eight hours?

  6. ouch! I have baby fine hair myself & sensitivities all over (like tags, bands anything that touches the skin or body) they do make covered pony tail bands for little ones, I use them myself. and some are pretty. the more coverage or fatness(? for lack of a word) the softer it will feel on her and don’t snug it up tight to her head. otherwise, Mom… she may have to get a trim for comfort sake. good luck.

    • Thanks, Faythe. I have some of the no snag pony holders, but they are small ones, so I am going to invest in some bigger ones so if she puts it around her wrist it will just be like a bracelet!

  7. Melissa Robertson says:

    Virginia, I have had that problem my whole life if you don’t want to cut her hair unfortunately there isn’t much you can do a little leave in conditioner and slowly combing it out or cutting it. I myself have heard my mother go nuts with my rats nest many times when I was younger. To quote a common statement when she was brushing my hair “pull against my pull”. Sorry that’s not much help.


    I have seen the detangler work quite well with my daughter maybe it would work for yours as well. the hair bands never work little ones never wanna keep their hair put up.

  8. Try fabric covered pony tail holders. I have the same problem with my little girl, about not wanting it brushed I don’t think it’s ever gotten that bad. The spray conditioner/detangler helps some.

    Try putting her hair up and putting bows in it. There are a lot of cute boutiques that make custom bows so you could get one with her initial or favorite cartoon character on it. Make a big deal about how pretty it is. That, and a combination of explaining to my daughter that it wouldn’t hurt so much to brush her hair if she’d leave it put up helped tremendously. I hope it helps you guys!

    • Thanks, Heather. I have larger pony holders on my shopping list. Do you have a brand that you prefer?

    • Look for the kind without the metal connectors those are likely to get caught in her hair and pull too. Let me search amazon real quick and see what they’ve got in the realm of stuff I’d buy 🙂

  9. Not my area of expertise, but when you braid her hair, remember not to start right tight up against her scalp. It is easy to do that, and it starts pulling on the hair if you get too tight.

    Maybe put her hair into a pony tail, with a rubber band or something similar about half way down the hair might work, too. Would keep things more or less under control, while still feeling looser for her.