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Wordless- Righty and Lefty

My little righty.

right handed toddler

My little lefty.

left handed toddler

With one left handed child and one right handed child, I think homeschooling is going to be interesting!

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  1. that is cute – have fun with that! We thought my daughter would be left handed. She used her left hand all the time, then around 2 she just switched to her right. funny 🙂

  2. How funny that they use different hands. Cute pictures!

  3. Very cute! I guess seating arrangements are set? Have fun with the homeschooling… and great art projects in their future.

  4. oh my good luck . sometimes kids switch off though so you never know

  5. they are so cute. my grandson uses both r and l, so ya never know

  6. I think you’re right! So interesting that you have one of each.

  7. So cute!

  8. Very cute! I only have lefties at sports, they are righties for everything else.

    Gone are the days when teachers tried to reform lefties. My older brother ended up being ambidextrous because his teacher (I’m talking one room school house days) would punish him if he used his left hand so when he was at the chalk board, he used his right hand (when she was looking) When he was alone, he used his left hand. It sounds crazy but that is the way a lot of teachers were back in the days.

  10. I keep waiting to see if I’m going to have a lefty. ..

  11. I loved having a lefty sister. It gave us one more thing to argue about. 🙂

  12. Very cute! I think both of mine are right handed…but Evan still uses both.

  13. My 1st daughter is right handed and my 2nd daughter is left. I didn’t find anything different when teaching them when they were little. Never made a big deal of it or really even made note of it. Just allowed them to write with whatever hand came natural.

  14. how old is the lefty? she might still switch. my oldest was leftyish for quite awhile. now he writes righty but and throws righty but bats lefty.

    • The lefty is 26 months, and because she eats, drinks, and colors with the left, the pediatrician said she will probably stick with it. Her maternal grandmother is a lefty.

  15. They’re too cute! My niece is a lefty and I struggle to help her. I can’t do a single thing with my left.

  16. Mine still switches off, and she will be 4 in May. I do think she flavors her right a bit.

  17. You’re always going to keep her on the left so they’re not always bumping elbows when they’re eating or writing.

  18. You’ve got a point there – it will be interesting! Besides scissors what else will you need to buy that’s ‘special’ for lefties?

    • I’m told that some home school curriculum actually spells it out for you- if your child is left handed, do this… Other than scissors, I’m not certain. My sister occasionally used her notebooks backwards, to make it easier to write left to right. Since we will do school at the kitchen table, I won’t be getting school desks for them.

  19. We have 8 people in our family including inlaws that we see on a frequent basis and only ONE is left handed, he says he is the only one in his right mind, LOL

  20. So cute! We thought for sure we’d get a lefty, since their dad is, but not a one of the 4 are.

  21. Adorable! 🙂

  22. too sweet!!

    I have 4 kids and all are right handed! Hubby and I are both right handed! But we both have left handed members in our family!

  23. Aww, they are adorable!

  24. They are so cute! My 3 older boys are right handed but it looks like the little guy is going to be a lefty.

  25. Very cute. I have kids with either or and both. (4 kids here) Happy WW!

  26. Out of my three children I have one that is left handed however strangely he uses the mouse right handed and he bats and golfs right handed. His dad is working with him on batting left handed because he has more power of course left handed he just has to get comfortable.

  27. Travel Blogger says:

    I have one of each too!

  28. We still don’t know what our little guy is, he switches. As a teacher I find it really doesn’t matter that much, except with scissors.

  29. LOL it will be a challenge. I have 2 lefties and teaching them to write when you are a righty and cut is a bit of a pain. They figure it out pretty quick though.

  30. Yes, that will be interesting. Are you a righty? I was so afraid my daughter was going to be a lefty (she is still ambidextrous (sp?) but tends to favor her right hand) and I would have a hard time teaching her how to do things like write, cut, etc.

    • I am a righty. A friend of mine that is homeschooling her right and left handed kidlets said that I will need to mirror her instead of showing her things side by side.

  31. Both my daughters are right g’son started out right handed but the brain tumor effected his right side so he adjusted and does everything with his left hand now since his right hand isn’t 100%.

  32. cute! I’m ambidextrous and I’ve noticed that Violet is showing ambidextrous tendencies, too.

  33. So cute! Both my kiddos are righty’s thank goodness, what a challenge its going to be with one of each!

  34. Most definitely! DH and i are both left handed and no left handed kids yet. What are you?sn

  35. Too cute!

  36. Yay for being a lefty!! I’m a lefty too. 🙂

  37. I have two lefties and one rightie. I think my first born who spends a lot of time writing with my second born some how got him writing left handed but the two year old spends more time writing with me so he is rightie. This shall be fun for you homeschooling for sure! I still haven’t the hang of a left handed child … and I have two of them!

  38. both of ours are righty. I am righty & dh is ambidextrous, but writes cruddy with both, LOL! I know you will do just fine, once they get control of the hand movements & holding the writing instrument the rest kind of follows. we both had lefties in the family, but not the boys. V, I want to thank you for all your prayers & kind comments for my grandson as well 🙂

  39. Cute! My husband’s family has a few lefties … my family is all righties.. so we’re patiently waiting to see what our son will turn out to be 🙂