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Winter Warm Up

We’ve had a bit of a winter warm up here in St. Louis, and the kids took advantage of the balmy weather to play outside.





Yes, he is playing with a bowling pin, toy road cones, and a construction belt.  And, yes, he is wearing his fire truck pajamas that Granny Barb and PawPaw Richard game him for Christmas.  He likes them, and insisted that they aren’t just pajamas, their his working clothes. 


I just love that they get to play outside in January!

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  1. We had a warm spell the first of January, but earlier this week was bitterly cold. Then today it’s been nice and over the next for days it’s suppose to be warmer. So yeah, nice for January!

  2. I love the jammies. Kids love interesting things, but hey, if it makes them happy.

  3. They are so cute!! (And my son loves his jammies too!)

  4. Glad you took advantage of the beautiful weather!

  5. Karen Edge says:

    Adorable!!! I love Zane’s P.J.’s!! I spent a couple of days all day in my P.J’s over the break; it was great!!