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Where Are Your Jeans Made

I recently went shopping, and as I was browsing, came across a pair of jeans I thought were cute.  oxymoron labelingSince I’ve lost weight, and am still losing, I will soon be needing smaller jeans.  When I picked the jeans up, I couldn’t help but note the size tag and oxymoron labeling.   The label may as well have read:

American Tradition = Outsourcing.

I replaced the jeans to the rack.  They were not the size I needed.  The label made me wonder, though, if I own any American made jeans.  I haven’t purchased new jeans in what feels like ages.  In fact, my jeans range in age from five to eight years old.  Indeed, my jeans are older than my children.

I checked the jeans I have in my closet.  I own four pairs of jeans that were made in Mexico (three pairs of Harley Davidson jeans and one pair of Levi 550’s) and one pair that was made in the Philippines (Ralph Lauren).  It used to be that certain brands (i.e. LEVI) meant “American made.”  Sadly, that is no longer the case.  I was never militaristic about buying American made items (obviously). I started leaning more toward buying that which is Made in the USA simply because I think it is important to pour back into our economy, now more so than ever. When I can buy American made, I will.

I wondered, then, what jeans are made in the USA.  As I researched, I discovered that there are several brands that bear the label “Made in USA” but use imported fabric.  WHAT?  Americans grow cotton!  I realized it would be one thing to buy jeans assembled in the USA, but what about jeans GROWN in the USA.  I only found a handful of brands that are grown and assembled in the USA, fewer still that carry women’s jeans, and fewer still that I like what I see.  Those are The All American Clothing Company, Bullet Blues, and Longhorn Jean Company.  The Bullet Blues, though cute, do not come in my current size.   I guess us fatties don’t want need to look cute?  Longhorn Jean Company has a couple styles that come in my size.  The All American Clothing Company offers two styles of jean, both which come in my size.

Of course, I can’t try them on by looking at the screen, so my next step is to see if I can find any local retailers.  If not, I may have to go with a brand that is “Made in USA” but not necessarily grown here… like Lucky Brand Jeans or some other brand I have yet to discover.

Who knew losing weight would cause all these problems?  Who knew finding a pair of CUTE American made jeans could be so hard?  LOL.

So.  What brand jeans do you wear, and where are your jeans made?

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  1. I usually purchase my jeans at Gap because they consistently have ‘talls’ in stock.

  2. I’ve never looked at where my jeans are made. Oops :/

  3. I never thought about that, but I guess I can’t say I’m completely surprised to hear it. It stinks though!

  4. I’ve never really thought to look at where my jeans are made. I just took mine off to look and they are made in China. I wonder how hard it would be to go shopping and find some jeans made in the USA.

  5. I’ve never thought to check my jeans to see if they were made here in the USA. I’m going to definitely take this into consideration for future purchases. This could be why some jeans fit perfectly and others…not so much.

  6. Yeah…and considering the history our nation has w/ dungarees and denim, you’d think it would be one of things we actually made!


  7. Hmmm I have no clue. I’ll have to check

  8. I remember begging for my first pair of Guess jeans. My dad gave in. I was 12 and they cost $51.

  9. Gosh I haven’t worn jeans in so long.. My yoga pants are made in usa 🙂

  10. We always try to buy products that are made in the USA. It is sad that so many products are not. 🙁

  11. I apologize for not having bigger sizes yet. My next production will carry bigger sizes and I will send you a pair for free. You are right I should have made more sizes. We will carry tops soon also and I will make sure we have bigger sizes too. Thank you for finding my jeans cute.