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What is your nickname?

My kids call me Honey instead of Mommy a lot of the time.  Because my Hubs calls me Honey.  Which has had me thinking about nicknames lately.  Most people have a nickname or two.  I’ve had plenty.  Some I have liked. A few earned the speaker a good wallop.  Some are obvious. Some were bizarre. I thought it would be fun to share some of mine, and the stories that go with them, and ask what yours are.

Gynni- pronounced Ginny, this is what most of my family calls me.  I went by Gynni for most of my life.  Until 2000, actually.  You see, I had went on a mission trip in 1997 and there was a Jennifer on that trip that preferred to be called Jenny.  So, I went by Virginia, since there is a Spanish pronunciation of my name.  In 2000, when I moved to Chicago, a friend that I met on that mission trip introduced me as Virginia instead of as Gynni.  It stuck.

Gyn- shortened form of the above.

Virg- obvious shortening of my first name.

Virgi- again, obvious

Vee- some of my favorite people call me Vee.

Ginger- only two people ever got away with calling me Ginger, because I really hate it.  But, Nonie (who also was named Virginia and known as Ginger) and Willi Hamilton.  Of course, since Nonie was called Ginger, it was natural for her to call me Ginger.  And I loved her, so, I let her.  And Willi?  I don’t know, it just seemed okay from her.

Ingyon- from my Filipino friends in Chicago, not sure if it is spelled correctly, but they *said* it is how to pronounce Virginia in Tagalog

Kenny- my sister’s oldest two called me Kenny when they were younger, because they couldn’t say Gynni.

Jimmy- when I was growing up, Mr. Bill, the gentleman that lived across the street, called each of my sibblings and I by a name for the opposite gender.  I was Jimmy instead of Gynni.  My sister was Dennis instead of Denyse.  My brothers were Josephine (Joe), Davinia (David), Darlene (Darrel), and Joan (John). I can remember Mr. Bill calling out and asking me, “Jimmy, did you see the man in the moon last night?  He was eating cheese…”

Honey- what my Hubs has called me pretty much since we met.

Myrear- a not so nice rendition of my middle name that a kid in grade school issued me.  It earned him a wallop with my purse that I filled with rocks first.

I’m certain I’ve had more, I just can’t think of them at the moment.

So, what are your nicknames?

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