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What color is your cheese?

While we were standing in the kitchen last night, my husband was giving the kids cheese as their snack. 

As he doled out pieces of cheese to our two little hungry birds, he says, “We’re out of yellow cheese.”  Having just been in the cheese drawer thirty minutes prior, I knew there was a full package of Swiss cheese, so I told him, “No, there’s a whole new pack.”  He looks at me and says, “Nope, we’re out.  That’s why I’m giving them the white cheese.”  At this point, I happen to actually look at him and see he is holding a slice of Swiss in his hand. 

Confused, I said, “Honey, that cheese is not white.”

To which he replied, “Yes, it is.”  We debated for a minute or two about the color of the cheese, until I picked up a piece of WHITE copy paper, and put the cheese on top of it. 

Pointing to the copy paper, “This is white,” I said, and then pointed at the cheese, “this is not.”

He laughed and assented that I made a valid point.

So then I had to ask, “So, what cheese are we out of?” 


Huh?  American cheese is ORANGE.  I relayed this to him, and he said, “No, it’s yellow.”

Seriously?  I had to laugh, because last week when he told me we needed yellow cheese, I bought Swiss.  I was confused at the time, because the kids don’t really care for Swiss cheese.  Brian doesn’t either, for that matter.  I’m really the only one that eats it.  I realized at that point that what he had meant for me to pick up was American cheese.

So, tonight, as my Mother-in-Law was visiting, I asked her…

“What color is American cheese?’

“Yellow.” she responded.

So, what color is your cheese?

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I am with your husband. Swiss is white, and American is yellow.
    .-= Stefanie @ Mommy Musings´s last blog ..Earth Day: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference =-.

  2. American Cheese is yellow, Swiss cheese is white. my favorite cheese is White Cheddar Cheese it’s so sharp I love it.