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Welcome, Autumn #allergies

Why, yes, that is my allergy face.


I take allergy medicine 365 days a year.  Every couple of years I have to switch allergy medicines because the one I’m taking stops working for me.
I’m thinking it may be time for a switch, and will be checking out the selection of allergy medicine at Walmart.
Do you have environmental allergies?
How do you treat them?

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  1. I have some seasonal allergies, but my hubby is allergic to everything! He takes medication year round and has to switch every so often as well. It is crazy. He also has very sensitive skin, so we have to be very careful about soaps and laundry detergent.

  2. I do get seasonal allergies. I have tried staying away from medicines the last couple of years because of pregnancy and breastfeeding. But boy, I love it when I can take meds!

  3. You look happily miserable.
    I can not imagine how you are feeling!
    Luckily I am only allergic to dogs so I can avoid them at all times.
    Hope you find some relief soon!

  4. I am totally allergic to Texas (where I live) I never had allergies until I moved here. Now I am on Zertec every morning and switch between sudafed and mucinex and I still get constant sinus infections and head aches… good luck

  5. I live in Houston and it is not if you have allergies it is when. Everyone eventually gets them living here. We have the running joke at work about everyones “Zyrtec Flonase” cocktail with their morning coffee. This year I am keeping up the cocktail and have added taking liquid vitamins. Can’t say it has been totally successful but I have not had a sinus infection since starting and that is a HUGE win for me.

  6. I have allergies but refuse to take anything for them. I think the body needs to get used to the allergen in small doses then it can build up it’s own resistance. So far, that’s worked for me. Keeping in mind, my allergies are MILD. My kids have light allergies as well and I just gage where we’ll be going as to if I’m going to allow medicating.

  7. I totally feel ya here! I deal with allergies year round too. Right now I take Zyrtec (got the Sam’s brand, 300 doses for about $35 – score!) daily and use a nasal spray as needed.

  8. I don’t have allergies – but I know so many who do – so I completely feel for you! Hopefully you, and others too will be able to get some solid advice through your platform! Wishing you the best.

  9. I have pet dander allergies. I honestly do own a small dog, but she doesn’t bother me as much as other big dogs. I do not take anything for them though..I just suffer.

  10. I have seasonal allergies but I have something I am allergic to all season. I use a lot of Mucinex! Plus, I switch allergy meds every 3 months to make sure I don’t build up a tolerance.

  11. I have no idea what i’m allergic to! But I don’t take anything so I can’t complain!

  12. My whole family suffers from allergies of one type or another. Some days are better, some days are worse. I use Claritin and my partner uses Allegra. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Thankfully I do not suffer from allergies. I am a firm believer in a Neti Pot!!

  14. I have some allergies, but not bad. My 5 year old takes Claritin for kids when he needs it,