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Weigh In Wednesday 01/15/14

So, we’re two weeks into the new year, and the scale is inching downward. I weighed in at 193.6, which means I lost just under a pound in the last week, and 1.3 pounds total since the beginning of the year.

Weigh In Wednesday 01/15/14

While the numbers on the scale don’t seem to be inclined to move, my measurements were a little more encouraging…

2014 Measurement Tracker

I lost an inch from my waist, and half an inch on each thigh, for two inches.  Throw in a quarter inch from my bust and a quarter inch from my left calf for a total of two and a half inches since last week.  Since my measurements didn’t change for the first week, it’s a total of 2.5 inches lost to date.

So, how random is it that I lost a quarter inch from one calf?  It is my non-dominant leg, so I guess that explains it?

So, my diet intake in the last week was not that great.  We had a ladies night out, and I ate spanacopita. and pizza.  Yep.  Which would explain why the scale didn’t move much.  Ah well.

My water intake is on target, I’m choking down at least three glasses of water each day.

As for workouts, in the last week I did one day of the Shred DVD and one day on the elliptical.  Monday I missed the gym because I had inadvertently scheduled a doctors appointment for one of the kidlets.  I’ve rearranged the rest of our appointments, so the MWF gym time with my bestie should be good from here on out.  Speaking of, I’ve got to head out the door now!

How was your week?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. you’re doing great 🙂