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WaxVac Review

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Sister has the waxiest ears of any child on the planet.  She has always produced an over-abundant supply of cerumen.  Both the pediatrician and the ENT have commented about how waxy her ears get.  The ENT recommended using mineral oil drops in her ears, and that works, but then she’s got wax running out of her ears.  Yuck.  We I recently had the opportunity to review the WaxVac, I thought it would be worth a try.


Sister is generally a bit leary of new products like this, so I wasn’t sure how she would tolerate it.  She did great.  She said it tickles.

With weekly swim lessons, and showers/baths to boot, Sister gets water trapped in her ears, too.  Since we’re not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean/dry her ears (they can damage the ear drum), she will complain about having water “stuck in her ears.”

I’ll be adding the WaxVac to our swim bag.  It has a constant gentle suction that can safely remove moisture, dirt, and wax from the ear canal.  It is a safe way to clean and dry Sister’s ears.  We just attach the silicone tip (she chose pink) and insert it into the ear, then turn it on.  As Sister says, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy.”

It does come with color coded silicone tips, so everyone in the family can use it, but Mister and I have ear tubes, so the WaxVac will only be used by Sister.

The WaxVac ($10.00) can be purchased at

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