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Waterpik Water Flosser

waterpikHubs has never had a cavity and has perfect teeth.  He brushes twice daily with an electronic toothbrush and sees the dentist every six months without fail.  He is constantly getting food stuck between his teeth, though, which places him at risk of gum disease.  With a history of open heart surgery, maintaining excellent oral health is extremely important for him.

At his latest visit to the dental visit, his dentist recommended that he start using an oral irrigator.  His parents use a Waterpik and love it.  In fact, when they come to visit from Kansas City, they bring it with them.  So, when I received an opportunity to review the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser and the newly introduced Water Flosser for Kids unit, I was extremely excited.  I love it when I get to review things that my family NEEDS!

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser arrived while Hubs was away on a business trip, so I had to wait for him to get home to put it to use.  When he came home, and tried it out, he was really impressed.  His words, “I like this thing!”  He said he loves that he can tell he is getting the “right spot” and that the adjustable water pressure is “great.”  He also likes that the pause button on the handle allows him to spit without spraying water all over the place.  The only drawback he mentioned was that the in-lid storage for the six tips really only comfortable sits four of the tips, so one of them is in there loose while the other is in use.  He didn’t really mind that, though, because it is stored and away from dust and what not.    I had no idea that the Waterpik is clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss. waterpikwaterpikNow I can’t wait for him to see the dentist again, to see if the dentist has anything new to say, now that Hubs is using the water flosser.

I’ve used the Water Flosser for Kids unit with the kids quite a few times.  They enjoyed picking which stickers (it comes with 20 removable cling decals) to put on the green reservoir part.   The Water Flosser for Kids is great for Mister. Since he doesn’t have enamel on his teeth, some foods tend to get stuck at the bottom of two of his teeth, right at the gum line.  It is literally impossible to get those two spots with string floss, without traumatizing the gum tissue.  The water flosser works every time.   However, while it is effective at cleaning away those tiny little particles that get stuck in their teeth, it is also effective at spraying water all over the mirror.  Mister will be four next week, and Sister will be three in February.  The Water Flosser for Kids is recommended for children ages 6+, and I certainly understand why that age isn’t lower.  My kids just aren’t ready for it yet.  They think that the small and simple tip, designed to make water flossing easy, is a great water gun and would rather aim it each other or at the mirror than in their mouth.  Whereas the adult version has the pause button, the kids version does not.  That little button at the end is the tip ejector, and I have ejected the tip several times trying to pause the stream so they could spit.  Even with help they managed to douse the bathroom good.  Plus, since it doesn’t have a lid on the reservoir, Sister tries to put her fingers in the water.  Blech.   For cleaning power, I definitely recommend it, but would say wait until your child is mature enough to use it properly as a water flosser, as opposed to a water squirter.  LOL.   For now, I put it where my kidlets can’t reach it.  When they have particularly clingy gunk in their teeth, I get it down and use it on them, knowing I will have to clean the bathroom afterwards.

Waterpik Countertop Water Flossers are available at major retailers nationwide, on Amazon, and at Waterpik’s Official Site.  There is also a $5 coupon that you can print to purchase yours locally.  Print your coupon here.

Just in time for Christmas, there is also a $5 coupon that you can print to purchase the Waterpik Flosser for Kids locally.  Print your coupon here and give the gift of great oral health to the ones you love!   Learn more about Waterpik products and specials by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I’ve had a Waterpik Flosser for YEARS. It was so helpful when I had braces as a kid, but I really should get it back out or maybe buy a new one. I love how stylish the new ones are and that the kids can decorate them. So neat!

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