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VTech Safe&Sound

When Mister and Sister were babies, we used a baby monitor with two parent units.  Of course, it was donated to charity long ago.  When we realized we needed to get a new set, I immediately though of the a VTech Safe&Sound Digital Audio Monitor with 2 parent units. We like VTech products around here, because they are so reliable, and I was confident that I would like VTech’s baby monitors as well.

vtech safe & sound with two parent units

The VTech Safe & Sound Audio Monitor features DECT 6.0 Digital technology which makes it crystal-clear and eliminates interference.  All you hear is baby.  Also, it is encrypted, so your neighbors can’t hear it.  LOL.

The parent units can be muted (in case one parent needs to get their z’s) and will use gentle vibrations to alert you when your little one is fussing.  Other features include 18 hour battery life, up to a 1000 foot range, backlit display on parent units, belt clip on parent units, and a talk back intercom system.

vtech Safe & Sound

    The baby will room with us for the first few months, so to test out the monitors, Hubs plugged in the monitor in our bedroom and plugged in one of the parent units in the kitchen.  Then he went back to our bedroom and spoke softly.  I could hear him well.  I feel great knowing that I will be able to put her down to sleep and go take care of chores or play with Mister and Sister and still be able to hear when she wakes up or fusses.
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      VTech graciously provided us with a VTech Safe&Sound Digital Audio Monitor with 2 Parent Units for the

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