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VTech InnoTab 3S Review plus Giveaway

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As you know, we love learning toys in our house, and the new VTech InnoTab 3S is quickly becoming a favorite.  You may recall that we reviewed the VTech InnoTab 2S a few months ago, and it received a hearty thumbs up from both kiddos.  The only problem we had with it was that we only had one of them, so we often had to referee the fight of “It’s my turn, no it’s my turn.”  Now that we have new VTech InnoTab 3S, Mister and Sister can play nicely, side by side, again.


That is, until they start arguing over who’s turn it is to play the Magic Beanstalk, which is currently only installed on the 3S.  LOL.

The InnoTab 3S features VTech Kid Connect– an exclusive communication app that allows kids to be connected with their parents and friends through both tablet-to-mobile and tablet-to-tablet communication.  It also has a kid-safe web browser, and continues to provide access to VTech’s Learning Lodge™ app store and it comes pre-loaded with 20 free apps.  Our game cartridges for the 2S are interchangeable with the game cartridges for the 3S, which is awesome.

One awesome update of the InnoTab 3S from the InnoTab 2S is the placement of the 1800 rotating camera and video recorder.  The kids both love using the InnoTab to take funny pictures and make videos, but the vertical placement of the camera on the 2S made it hard for Sister to hold the camera steady.  With the horizontal placement, it allows a wider hand grasp, which makes it easier for her to chase her brother while recording and not drop the InnoTab.  Not dropping it is key.

InnoTab camera placement

Quite possibly one of MY favorite features, as the Mom, is this right here… InnoTab 3S Rechargeable Batteries

The new 3S comes with a rechargeable battery pack with AC adapter.  Insert thuderous applause and operatic aria here.   That alone makes it worth purchasing the updated version, in my humble opinion!  Seriously!  I <3 the rechargeable batteries!

Here’s Mister’s opinion of the new VTech InnoTab 3S…


Not gonna lie, I was a tad nervous when he said “no.”  LOL.

The updated InnoTab 3S is available to order on,,, and  Learn more about the InnoTab 3S and check out VTech on Twitter  and VTech on Facebook

Now you can enter to win your own InnoTab 3S, courtesy of VTech. Good luck!

vtech innotab 3S giveaway


You can check out this video from highlighting the InnoTab 3S and it’s great features.

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