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Vera Bradley Throw Blanket

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We generally keep a blanket in the living room, to cover up with on the couch if we get cold.  Historically, it had always been a quilt, but the quilts were recently retired to the blanket box when we received a Vera Bradley Throw Blanket, in the Sun Valley print, for review. It was quickly deemed the “family blanket” and we all fell in love with it.

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket Sun Valley

The Vera Bradley Throw Blanket is top notch quality, as one would expect of the Vera Bradley brand.  It is luxuriously soft.  As in rub it against your cheek and it’s as soft, if not softer, than a new bunny.  Ahhhh.  Wrap up in this throw blanket, and you may never leave the couch.  Of course, you’ll have to wrest it from the kids first!  It is also vibrantly colorful, and the colors stayed true through the laundry!  It is also fairly large at 50″ x 80″, meaning that if they are inclined to snuggle, the kids can share.

Vera Bradley Throw Blanket

And they aren’t inclined to snuggle, they can wrap up in it and attempt a hasty getaway.  LOL.

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Have you SEEN the new fall line up?  It is SWOON worthy!

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