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Urban Bums Boutique Diapers

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Chrissy is a Canadian work at home mom, of three, that lives in Waterloo, Ontario. She is the owner of Urban Bums Boutique, which specializes in hand crafted cloth diapers using sustainable resources and organic materials whenever possible.  Urban Bums Boutique is now stocking every other Sunday on Hyenacart. Chrissy sent me a hybrid one size cloth diaper for review.  This diaper is Bea-U-ti-FUL!  It is one of the few diapers that we have that I have secretly wished came in an adult undies option. SO soft.

Urban Bums Boutique Diaper

This one size hybrid diaper features FDR snaps and a OS soaker.  Chrissy was kind enough to include a newborn soaker as well, which is a $4 add-on option for her OS diapers, so we could use it until Little Miss got a little bigger.  The Urban Bums Boutique Hybrid diapers are designed to fit most babies from 10-40lb.  We tried this one on Little Miss when she was about 8lb, and as you can see, we had to grow into it a bit. Urban Bums OTB 8lb

Once she hit the ten pound mark, we tried again, and fell. in. love. Now at nearly fifteen pounds, it is perfect! I do use the fold down rise on it and am able to cross over the waist tabs to the first crossover snap.  When we first started using it, we did have to use the second crossover snap.  It fits perfectly in the legs and we’ve not had any leaks with it.  We have plenty of growing room, which means this diaper will be well loved!

Urban Bums OTB 15lb

The beautiful thing about Urban Bums Boutique hybrid fitteds, other than being the Cadillac of cloth, is that they offer the same breathability as regular fitteds, as poly-fleece allows air to flow through it, but helps to keep moisture in.  A cover is still needed to be completely waterproof.  Chrissy also offers an Urban Nights Coverless Nighttime Diaper System with a WindPro outer, which do not require a cover to be waterproof.

Learn more about Urban Bums Boutique on Facebook and follow UrbanBums on Twitter.  Stay tuned for your chance to win one, as well.  Open-mouthed smile

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Oh, I love this diaper! The print is so pretty! I’ve been looking for some girly ones since all we have now is blue hand-me-downs, so I’m going to check them out for sure. Thanks!!

  2. I love the designs! We use fuzzibunz, so I would be curious about how well these compare.

  3. Andrea R says:

    I’m on the wagon right now for fluff, as I went a little overboard recently with my new love for WAHM fitteds/hybrid fitteds, so I haven’t managed to snag an Urban Bums diaper, but I WAAAAAAANT one! I use them for nights or early mornings, since the girl likes to hold it in until that first diaper change, and SOAKS through a Kissaluvs in 30 min, I like the extra soakers in the WAHMs I have. Seriously, I’d expect that much pee in a night diaper, and she wees it out in 30 min. How can she hold that much pee?

    Anyhoo, I’ve got my eye in Urban Bums Boutique, even though I can’t buy anytime soon…I’m jealous you have one 😉

  4. sasha perry says:

    i think these are just too cute im going over to check them all out now!!!

  5. Mary Schuh says:

    That is a beautiful diaper!! My husband just said no more diapers EVER (until next baby), but we’ll see if a cute print like this is in our future. We have mostly boy prints or gender neutral colors, but if we have a girl next I’ll definitely have to get her something like this. I love the the care and workmanship that WAHMs put into their diapers!

  6. I am totally in love with everything about this diaper. The pattern. The snaps. It looks so incredible soft. I wouldn’t dream of puting it on my 2-year-old’s bum because she would never want to be potty-trained. But We have baby girl #2 on the way… I can’t get over the cuteness overload of this diaper…. AND… sustainable resources. eeeep!!!!

  7. I adore this print! I’ve also been meaning to try out a hybrid fitted. I love fitteds, but I know hybrid fitteds are even more popular nowadays 🙂

  8. Vanessa Coker says:

    I like that it folds down at the waist. This print looks adorable by the way 🙂

  9. Lissa E. says:

    The fold down rise is great. I am looking forward to seeing what she has coming up in her next stocking on August 5!

  10. Lauren Powell says:

    Her diapers are absolutely gorgeous and I can feel th softness of them just by looking at them!

  11. Wow! These are awesome!! I’ve only used fuzzibunz and bumgenius. I love bumgenius and don’t like Fuzzibunz, but this is making me want to explore other brands and adorable prints!!

  12. Rachel A. says:

    Visiting her HyenaCart store is so fun! She has the cutest prints!! Seriously, I wish I had a girl! My little boy would look great in any of them too 🙂 I like that they are hybrids and don’t require a cover the entire time.

  13. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    That diaper is gorgeous! I am in love! I am also intrigued by her Urban Nights Coverless Nighttime Diaper system, I sure would love to try it!

  14. Love this! Gorgeous and I totally want to try an Urban Nights!

  15. That diaper is so beautiful.It really does look like you will be using it for a loooong time. That is awesome!

  16. I just bought one of these and I am IN LOVE! They are so soft and so nice. I think my wallet may be hurting soon, ha ha.