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12 Unique Floors To Admire

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I was recently watching an episode of The Nate Berkus Show (I just love Nate, and want him to come redesign my entire life house, but I would be happy with just the living room, kitchen, one bedroom, or basement… ooooh, basement!) and saw one of the most amazing floors I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I said floor!

Viewer Kristin Kauffman chose to paint her wooden floor because, with four kids and five dogs, rugs didn’t last long. The diy flooring, inspired by sheer genius, is  bold, gutsy, and colorific.  In short, it is stunning!

painted wood floor
see more of Kristin’s painted floors on

So stunning, in fact, that she was featured in the February 2011 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, as well.

After seeing how beautiful it was, Kristin painted the rest of the flooring in her home.

Hubs and I will be redoing the floors in our home in the next few years (maybe sooner than later, if that leak under the sink did any more damage than we suspect).  So, after watching that episode, my curiosity was sparked.  What other unique flooring ideas are out there?  Here are just a few of the floors I have admired recently…

Doodled Floor– by Hemmendorff

unique flooring

Jigsaw Floor– offered by

jigsaw floor

Penny Tile Floor– at The Cup Café at Hotel Congress (Tuscon)

penny tile floor

Nickel Tile Floor

nickel tile floor

Colorful ZigZags– at Poncho No. 8 (London)

zigzag floor

Liquid Lava Floor Tiles

liquid lava floor tiles

City Grid Lines– at Vagabond Travel Bookshop (Stockholm)

city grid floor

Stone Fruit Floors

stone fruit floor

3-D Mosaic Tile

Zig Zag

Old LP Floor

LP floor

Mosaic Color Splash


I admire all of these floors.  I can imagine these are the types of floors that Hildi, from TLC’s Trading Spaces, would design if she did floors.  The creative genius that inspired them is awe inspiring.  And while I admire all of them, I have to say that my favorites would have to be the painted wood floor by Kristin Kauffman, the colorful zigzag floor at Poncho No. 8, and the color splash mosaic floor.  I can see how the design options for the rest of the room would just explode with floors like those.  Since Hubs tends toward the minimalist/industrial design tastes, I doubt I would be able to talk him into such a colorful floor palate.  However, I do think he can be swayed toward the aesthetics of designing with a few carefully chosen colors.

Which is your favorite?

Have you seen another unusual or unique flooring idea that I should look at?

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  1. I think the most unique floor I’ve seen so far is a cork floor, and I thought it was super cool.