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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Did you know that the next meteor shower, the Perseids, will occur on the night of August 13th?  I just love to see shooting stars!


Our kids (mostly Mister) have been bugging us to “camp out in the backyard” and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to do it.  Let me clarify by saying this… I have NEVER been camping.  Since we plan to start camping (and are building our camping gear supplies), I think I would like to trial camping by camping in the backyard, to make sure I like it.  If we could manage to keep the kids awake long enough, the night of the meteor showers could be quite the teaching opportunity.

So, I started thinking, what all would we need to pull it off? I came up with a list of ten things needed for the perfect night under the stars with kids…

  1. Comfortable Lounger- of course, we could just lay on a pallet on the ground, but my bones ache when they get cold, so I am thinking a comfy lounge type chair would be just the thing.  The Coleman Converta Cot would be ideal for Hubs and I.  The kids have each have a Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, which we bought back in August for traveling, that would be perfect.  They love their travel beds, and as long as we put them far enough apart, they actually sleep in them!
  2. Insect repellent- with summer comes mosquitos, and I do not want West Nile! We recently picked up the Off Clip On at Walgreens, which we got pretty cheap with coupons.
  3. Red-filtered flashlight- harsh lights can ruin the chances of seeing the meteor shower, but a red-filtered flashlight would allow us to read the star chart without ruining your night vision.
  4. Tent- to sleep in after the meteor shower.  We recently purchased the Coleman Montana 8, and it hasn’t met the grass yet.  What better way to test the kids camping quotient than with a night under the stars?
  5. Sleeping Bags or blankets- while it is HOT HOT HOT during the day, temps at night could drop, so it is best to be prepared.  Hubs and I would be using blankets, as I don’t own a sleeping bag yet.  Did I mention that we are still in the process of building our camping supplies?  The kids have Slumber Jack Go-and-Grow sleeping bags that also need to be tested out.
  6. Food- of course, you can’t camp out without munchies.  The obligatory S’mores and hot dogs would be on the menu, as well as some yummy GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals
  7. Fire pit- ours is rusted, but I think it would work for making the S’mores!
  8. Drinks- plenty of water in our MistyMate’s to keep us cool and hydrated.  Perhaps some juice boxes, too, to make it special.
  9. A copy of Star Maps for Beginners– after all, I did only get a 40% on my astronomy exam in Earth Sciences.  I can find O’Rion and the Big Dipper.  If you need more than that, you are out of luck without the book!
  10. Bedtime storybooks- great selections for a night under the stars include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Goodnight Moon, and The Moon Shines Down.

For those of you who have camped out with kids, or who have slept under the stars, have I missed anything?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. First, this post brought back sooo many memories of me and my son sitting all night on our deck, watching for meteorites during the persieds when he was growing up. Of my three kids, he was the only one interested in the stars.

    Second, those GoPicnic meals are the best gluten free! Love them.

    Third, get an air mattress, one of those Coleman ones would be great for sleeping in a tent. And get camping! Your kids will love it!

    • Karen- the air mattress is a good idea. We have an aerobed, so I will add that to our list! I am so glad to hear that you had nights under the starts with your kids, it gives me hope that I can pull this off!

  2. Sounds like fun!

  3. OH awesome! I have an awesome anniversary date planned that night, too! 🙂