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True Hope Dolls (7/16)

Growing up, I wanted a bald doll.  No, I mean, I REALLY wanted a bald doll.  By bald doll, I mean a lockless fashion doll with moveable arms and legs, a cool car, and a handsome boyfriend.  I wanted a fashion doll that looked like me.  I discovered, though, that the only bald dolls I would find were big ole baby dolls.. because the fashion dolls all had gorgeous locks (at least until my sister and I decided that since bald was beautiful IRL, it had to be beautiful on our fashion doll.  Not so much. Trust me, nobody wants to play with a fashion doll that has blonde or brunette sprigs of hair that are cropped close to the head.  It’s just wrong).

When I learned that MGA Entertainment, makers of Bratz and Moxie Girlz dolls, were producing bald dolls for each, I just had to have them.  True Hope Moxie and Bratz Dolls

With three bald dolls in the Moxie Girlz™line (Avery™, Sophina™ and Jaxson™) and three bald dolls in the Bratz® line (Cloe™, Yasmin™ and Cameron™), MGAE has dubbed the dolls True Hope, as they are committed to donate $1 for every “True Hope” Bratz® and Moxie Girlz™ doll, sold to distributors, to City of Hope for cancer research.

While I don’t have cancer (thank God), I am a lifelong baldie and am glad that a toymaker has finally created a line of dolls for boys and girls affected by hair loss.  Its one thing to be told by your mother that “bald is beautiful.”  It’s another to have the doll to prove it!

When the Moxie dolls came in, the selfish part of me wanted to keep them all for myself.  As I said, I had always WANTED a bald doll…  True Hope Dolls

However, when Sister saw Avery, she squealed and said, “Mommy, that new doll looks like you!”  I smiled and replied, “It does, isn’t that cool?”  With much delight, she responded, “Yah. Now I can play with my Mommy all the time!”  How could I resist?  I just had to give it too her.  Here is her response…

True Hope Moxie Avery

As you can see, she was THRILLED.   She has wagged her “Mommy” doll all over the house.  I keep telling her it is a Moxie doll, and she says, “No, it’s a MOMMY doll!”  LOL.

Mister was pleased as punch to meet Jaxson.  “Mommy!!!  He looks just like me!  He even has brown eyes!”  True Hope Moxie Jaxson

I will admit, both of my kids were a little disconcerted when they saw that the dolls had no feet…


It does make it easier to change the shoes, though.  LOL.

I personally think the skirts on the girl dolls are too short, and will be buying (or making) leggings to go under them.  Other than that, I love these dolls, and so do my kids.

Bratz True Hope and Moxie Girlz True Hope dolls are available for purchase at Toys R Us.  Learn more by following Moxie Girlz on Facebook, Bratz on Facebook, and Moxie Girlz on Twitter.  MGAE graciously donated True Hope Moxie Dolls to the NFED for a charity auction to raise funds (which in turn raises awareness).  Thanks!

Check this out!! MGAE would like to give one lucky TBC reader a True Hope doll (randomly chosen).

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  1. April Decheine says:

    oh this is so cute, the dolls are cute and so are the kids!

  2. Ana Isabel says:

    My favourite hop doll is Avery!!!

  3. We love the Sophina Doll the best.

  4. Marci Godin says:

    My daughter just fought Ewing’s Sarcoma with a year and a half of very aggresive treatment! 14 rounds of five types of chemotherapy, ten rounds of radiation, radical surgery which left her with four less ribs. She had stage four terminal Ewing’s Sarcoma with a tumor that filled 95% of her right chest cavity and it had merasisized in her left lung as well. She had said to me during treatment that she wished they made a doll that was like her and when I saw that they finally did and that some of the proceeds would go towards helping these amazing children I couldn’t help but cry! My daughter is now doing well, some kidney damage from treatment and she is followed very closely to make sure there is no new growth, but I so want to get her these dolls! God bless all who made this possible!

  5. Kimberly Schotz says:
  6. crystle tellerday says:

    i like the holiday lexa doll

  7. kimbuckjr says:

    My daughter and I like Avery. She’s a cutey-patooty!

  8. I love the Moxie Girlz Glitterin Style Purse

  9. Avery is one.

  10. I love Bryten

  11. tanya white says:

    I like Bria best.

  12. Brenda Elsner says:

    I like Avery!