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Travel Toys for Kids

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If you’ve got a family car trip coming up, you’re probably trying to think of ways to keep the kids occupied in the back. Whether you’ve got one child or six, there are ways to keep long journeys stress-free, and they don’t have to involve plonking them in front of an in-car DVD! In this article, our motoring expert friends, PassSmart, take a look some of the best kids’ car toys on the market, to help make your journey a little easier!


The littlest ones

There are a variety of in-car travel related toys on the market for babies. Cuddly toys which hang from their car seat, for example, will help keep them occupied for a while. You can also buy them their very own steering wheel so they can drive along beside you too. Simply attach it to the back of the rear seat and they can drive around until their heart’s content. Many wheels come with sound effects too, so it will appeal to all of the senses!

For the older ones

When it comes to toddlers and older kids, keeping them entertained can be more tricky. You’ll need to keep their brains active in order to prevent them from getting restless and grumpy, and there are plenty of products out there to make keeping them busy easier.


Fisher Price’s Magna Doodle allows the kids to draw whatever they want, without the threat of getting pen on the seats! The Magna Doodle comes in the perfect size for travel, so it’s easy to get out and put away for car journeys.

Travel books

There’s also lots of great activity books for kids available, and – from word searches to puzzles – there’s something every little one will love. Activity books cater to different age groups so you can buy one for every child; no matter how big or small! Whether they’re into coloring, word games or dot to dot, a quick search online will help you find the perfect book for them.


We know you probably won’t all agree on music, so why not get them each their own portable CD player or MP3 which they can play their favorite songs on. Not only will this keep everyone quiet, but you won’t have to listen to the kids squabbling over music choices either!

Pillow pets

Pillow pets are great if you’ve got a child who loves to sleep, but won’t take a nap unless there’s a cuddly toy on hand! Pillow pets are great for long car journeys as the kids can get comfy in the back for a nap, and have a cuddly toy to play with when they’re awake!

Kids’ snack & play travel tray

A guide to kids’ travel toys wouldn’t be complete without the kids’ snack & play travel tray! This multi-functional lap tray is perfect for eating and playing in the car, and with its high sides, stops anything from rolling off when you’re on the move! Of course, it’s wipe clean, so you don’t need to worry about scrubbing it clean when you get there either!

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