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Trash Truck Tuesday Tradition

Mister is fascinated by Trash Trucks. 

Well, any truck for that matter.  Trash trucks, mail trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, etc, etc. 

Our Trash Truck Tuesday Tradition began innocently.   

Mister can hear the squeak of the trash truck lever from a block away.  One Tuesday, not a month or so ago, Mister heard the trash truck and asked to go outside.  So, we went out to the end of the garage concrete, sat down, and watched the trash truck go around the cul de sac. 

Both the general refuse pickup and the recycle pick up occurs on Tuesdays in our subdivision.  So, later that day, when he heard the recycle truck, he wanted to go outside again.  Humoring him, we again sat at the end of the garage and watched the truck go around the cul de sac. 

We are now into our 5th or 6th week of the Trash Truck Tuesday Tradition.  I have actually (gasp) rearranged my schedule to do laundry on Tuesdays so that we can be home when the trucks go around. 

This morning, as we sat at the end of the garage, we watched the general refuse truck go around.  When the recycle truck came around, Mister was thrilled.  Deanna, our recycle truck driver, asked if she could give the kids each a sucker.  Of course, I consented, the kids beamed, and Deanna smiled as well. 

Then, Mister had a triple treat when the mail truck ran early.  The mail man gave the mail to Mister (after asking me of course) and Mister just beamed! 

I don’t know how long the Trash Truck Tuesday Tradition will last, but I just love the look on my son’s face when he watches the lever on the side of the truck pick up the cans and lift them to dump into the truck.

What unexpected traditions have you formed with your kids?

Do you know your trash truck driver’s name? 

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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  1. I don’t know our trash truck drivers name, but what a fun idea you have with your son Mister! (LOVE his name btw!) It is always nice to do fun, different things like that with your little ones. Those are the times they remember the most! 🙂
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  2. Thanks. Our goal next is to learn the mail driver’s name. LOL.

  3. Too cool. I remember when my 9 year old was fascinated by the trash truck. Every time we heard it coming we would rush to the window so we could see it. What a sweet memory, now she’s in school all day and we don’t have time to watch for the trash truck.
    .-= Chris Weigand´s last blog ..Q is for don’t Quit =-.