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Total Gym Total Mom- Fitness Quest Continues

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It is hard for me to believe that the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge has come to an end.  I feel like I just got started…

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Perhaps that is because while the challenge has come to an end, my fitness quest continues!  I will be using the Total Gym XLS for a LONG time!

While I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in this challenge (I went from losing 8-10 pounds a month to only 5 pounds a month), I AM going to take a moment to brag on myself… I am the type of person that typically brushes off a compliment because they make me uneasy.  However, I am learning the fine art of saying “Thank you” without saying something to negate the compliment.  It has taken me a while, but I’ve gone from “Thanks, but I have a long way to go”  when someone notices my weight loss, to, “Thank you, it means a lot to me that you noticed.”

That being said, let the bragging begin…

Omron Fat Loss Monitor

I made it down to 163.5 pounds.  I’ve lost 11.5 pounds since I started using my Total Gym XLS, and a total of 61.5 pounds.  That is over 25% of weight loss since I started this journey.

I have trimmed 1.3% off my BMI since I got the XLS, for a grand total of 10.2% reduction in my BMI since January.

I’ve chiseled 2.3% off my Body Fat Index since the start of this challenge, and 5% since May.  Of course, since the percentage of body fat is going down, and the scale didn’t change as much as I had hoped in the challenge, guess what went up?  You guessed it… percentage of body muscle!  I was curious, so I started looking at my digital photos from when I first got my EatSmart GoFit scale.  The first picture I have with the BFI was a whopping 39.4%.  That means I have lost OVER 10% body fat since March!

*doing a little dance*

The first photo I have of the percentage of muscle shows it at 34%. It is now nearly 39%!!!  I have added almost 5% of muscle.  YEAH BABY!

*doing a little dance*

Here is a peak at all of my measures that I list on My Measurement Tracker…

01/01 03/03 04/06 05/08 06/14 07/19 08/15
Weight 225 199.8 192 178.8 171 168 163.5
BMI 37.4 33.2 31.9 30 28.5 28 27.2
BFI *NR 39.4 36.7 33.2 30.5 29.8 28.2
Muscle *NR 34% 34.4 35.0 35.3 37.1 38.7
Neck *NR 14.5 14 13.5 13.5 13.5 13.5
RUA *NR 14.5 12.5 12.25 11.5 11.25 11.25
LUA *NR 14 12.75 12 11.5 11.25 11.25
R wrist *NR 6.75 6.5 6.25 6 6 6
L wrist *NR 6.75 6.5 6.25 6 6 6
Bust *NR 42 40.5 39.5 38 37.75 37
Bra line *NR 37.5 35.5 34.5 33.25 33 32.5
Waist *NR 38.5 37.5 36.5 35 35 33.5
Hips *NR 46.5 44.5 42.5 40.5 40 39.5
R thigh *NR 29 27.5 25 24 23 22.5
L thigh *NR 29 27 25.5 24.25 23.5 23
R calf *NR 16 16 15.75 15.75 15.75 15.25
L calf *NR 16 16 15.75 15.75 15.75 15.25

*NR= Not Recorded

That, folks, is a total loss of 48.75 inches since I started this journey, and 8 inches since I started using the Total Gym XLS!  WOOT!

As you can see, I added the row for muscle and updated the BFI from my old photos.

I had to get a new workout shirt, because the girls weren’t feeling the support they like from the one I started with.

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge

I started to take the pictures with it on, but realized it blends a bit too much with my shower curtain, and you can’t really see my waistline, so I grabbed my old one to put on for the updated pictures.

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge


Side by side comparison…

Total Gym Total Mom ChallengeTotal Gym Total Mom Challenge

I swear, my neck looks smaller to me, but it hasn’t changed size in months!  And, yup, I do need new shorts, too.  LOL.

Whether or not I won the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge is still up in the air, but I can tell you this…


I won a new and improved body, improved health, increased energy, and a better self image.  I won a reduced risk of developing chronic health conditions– ones that run strongly in my family! Oh yah, and a husband who has also lost 9 pounds using the Total Gym XLS (told you we would be the Total Couple)!

My husband WON!

He won a wife with a better attitude and the ability to DO more.

My kids WON!

They won a Mommy who can now chase them up and down the block while they ride their bicycles, who can go down ridiculously narrow tunnel slides with them, and can play with them without losing her breath!

Yup, we all WON!  And thanks to the Total Gym XLS, our winning has just begun!

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But, before you visit them, take the Total Gym Challenge and order yours today, you will save 15% off when you do!  Not only will you save, you will win, and I am fairly certain you will not regret it!

Oh, and my next challenge?  I am going to try to get into a size ten in ten weeks.  Think I can do it?

The Total Gym XLS was provided to me to facilitate my participation in the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge through Blog Friendly PR.  Over the course of the challenge, I will be sharing my experience with, and opinion of, the equipment.  All opinions expressed are my own.  The Total Gym links contained within this post will net you a 15% savings off your purchase of a Total Gym, and while they are being tracked, I am not being remunerated for purchases made through them.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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