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Total Gym Total Mom- Favorite Exercises

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I find it hard to believe that five weeks have passed of the Total Gym Total Mom challenge!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Having had the Total Gym XLS for a while now, I have come to love some of the exercises, and enjoy the rest.

So, which ones do I love the most?  Definitely the oblique twister and the bicep curls.

The oblique twister slims and firms your middle, and lends to the hour glass figure.  It also helps with core strength.

total gym oblique twister

I must confess, I love that my waist line is shrinking (I wore a pair of Hubs shorts this week, and they were too big in the waist!), but even more than that, I love that other things are easier because my core strength has improved.  My center of balance has improved (I tend to be a left leaner, because of years of right hip pain secondary to radiculopathy).  I can do household chores more easily and with less effort… think switching loads of laundry, sweeping, putting away groceries.  I can also do more with my kids, like wrestle and lift them up, with less effort.

I love the biceps curl exercises, as well, because that is where I can most readily see the results.  My thigh and abdominal muscles are still like the part of the iceberg that is submerged… while I know they are there (since I can feel them), they are still covered in a molten layer of fat.   However, because most of the fat has been burned off of my arms, my mamaguns are like the tip of the iceberg.  They stand proud even when I don’t have my arms flexed, and announce that there is much more beneath the surface. With my arms relaxed, I can see that they have changed shape, which is encouraging.  Whether doing seated bicep curls, toe touch bicep curls, or leg curls with biceps curls, I really enjoy this exercise.  I FEEL stronger when I do the bicep curls.  My favorite of the biceps curls exercises is the toe touch bicep curls  because I can stretch, strengthen, and tone in one smooth exercise.

total gym

The Total Gym truly is the ONE machine that does it ALL.

My favorite routine looks like this:

Toe touch row
Toe touch bicep curls
Toe touch upright row
Oblique twisters- left
Chest press
Oblique twisters- right

I have worked up to three sets of fifteen reps each, and at an incline of three.  I started at three sets of ten reps each, at an incline of two or less (the chest presses where at a incline of one to start with). So, my strength has certainly improved!

My area of most improvement, I think, is my body fat index.  My body fat percentage is down to 28.7!  When I started the Total Gym Total Mom challenge, my BFI was 30.5!  That is nearly a two percent fat reduction since June 14th!  And while my weight has not gone down as much as I had hoped (the scale seems to be stuck, I think I may need a new one… bwah ha ha), I know that since the weight number isn’t changing, the percentage of body muscle is going up!  Which is just a whole serving of awesomesauce.

I can’t wait to finish out this challenge, and see who wins the challenge.  In my opinion, though, all six of us are winners!  Why not check in with the other ladies, to see how they are doing!  And be sure to leave them some comment love when you do!

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Emilie of Baby Loving Mama
Zippy of Champagne Living

You can also follow our progress on Twitter by following the hash tag #totalmom

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total gym challenge

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  1. I really love that it can be used in so many ways. You are seriously rocking fitness this year!